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15 November 2000 Issue

By Greg Lawson, [email protected]

Pilgrims sharing game birds and pumpkin pies with Native Americans. Sure.

The First Thanksgiving was probably vegetarian according to Rynn Berry, historical advisor to the North American Vegetarian Society, who goes on to say that the pilgrims probably broke into Native American pantries and stole much of the corn and beans to sustain them through the winter.

The holiday is actually a fabrication constructed by President Lincoln to unite the country during the civil war. Read Rynn Berry's whole article at
This is Satya | The First Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Many of us animal activists and vegans feel deeply saddened towards the middle of November, when we think of how few wild turkeys are left, the ones who can fly free. Then we consider the millions of turkeys who live a short life of torture each year to continue this fantasy tradition called "Thanksgiving" and we pray not in thanks, but for compassion and change.

The modern factory farmed turkey has been bred to be so large and heavy with meat that not only are they unable to fly, but they are unable to have normal love and sex; they are two large to mount and reproduce naturally.

To deprive a fellow creature of those basic instincts would be bad enough, but today's turkey raising practices are so incredibly horrific that they can best be described as inter-species rape and killing for profit. Turkeys are held down by workers and artificially inseminated in a painful and fear inducing manner. If you can take the facts on these practices, read this report by an undercover inseminator from United Poultry Concerns....
UPC Expose on a Turkey Breeding Factory

and for more information on turkey farming see these related UPC pages....
UPC - Food for Thought Turkey Brochure

The Modern Turkey - Karen Davis

Animal Welfare

On November 22, from 1pm until 3pm, United Poultry Concerns will hold their second annual protest against the presidential "pardoning of a turkey" ceremony at the White House. For Information check the UPC site
United Poultry Concerns [UPC] -
or contact Karen Davis at 757-678-7875; [email protected] or Franklin Wade at [email protected]

On November 23, Robert Cohen, author of Milk, the Deadly Poison, UPC and other activists will hold an event in front of the White House to protest the symbolic "compassion" of the annual Presidential turkey pardoning ceremony and to raise awareness of the suffering of these birds. A twenty foot turkey, constructed by Canadian artist Brandon Leudke, will symbolically have her throat cut, read about it here....
The TurkeySave Project

For a good listing of recipes and articles go to....
Vegetarian Thanksgiving Central

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