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From 27 December 2000 Issue

Christmas Day
by [email protected]

My sister and I celebrated this day by going to church hoping to get some inspirational message and meaning aside from the traditional exchange of gifts on Christmas Day. We both realized that the love we share for animals is special and strong and we held each other remembering how we were told to keep the love and joy in our hearts and to look to God for peace of mind. But it is sometimes hard to find peace when we are reminded each day how cruel the world can be especially for the innocent creatures of God.

How the wild creatures struggle in frozen ground to find food in the winter and the domestic animals are too often thought of as just things, possessions or amusements until they are tired of and then tossed away like trash. It hurts to know how many dogs and cats are left homeless, cold and starving just from lack of food but without human kindness and how parrots are trapped inside cages like lifeless ornaments. It's a curse to have these feelings, because you live in constant pain sharing their suffering from the ignorance and selfishness of mankind.

And then the pain comes too real and we witness the deliberate inflicted torment by hunters and it is hard to forgive.

As we stood frozen in terror, a wild boar darted from the woods and onto the road, bloodied and half crazed in fear and agony. His ear was shot off or ripped by pit bulls and he squealed and circled in pain and then ran helplessly back into the woods.

We could do nothing but weep for his torment and suffering from human beings. It made my sister sick to her stomach. And we realized still the hell on this earth for the animals.

Dear Lord give us strength to keep our faith and so our hearts are not filled with hatred for all of mankind and Bless the animals.

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