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From 31 December 2000 Issue
On The Hill

by Grace Van Vleck

“Reprinted with permission from The Animals’ Agenda, P.O. Box 25881,
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As the 106th Congress drew to a close, many important pieces of animal protection legislation had been enacted, but many others will return (with new bill numbers) in January when the 107th Congress convenes. These legislative victories for animals are due, in no small part, to the continuous efforts of animal activists. Following is a brief summary of what bills passed and what bills activists will need to concentrate on next year. For more details, visit, and thank you for your action on behalf of the animals.


Chimpanzee Health Improvement, Maintenance and Protection (CHIMP) Act
Creates a public/private retirement sanctuary system for chimpanzees who have been used for experimentation.

"Crush" Video Bill (Public Law 106-152)
Bans the production for commercial profit of videos and other materials that depict illegal acts of animal cruelty.

Dog and Cat Fur bill (part of larger Public Law 106-476)
Bans the importation of products, including fur-trimmed articles, made with cat or dog fur.

Federal Law Enforcement Animal Protection Act (Public Law 106-254)
Raises the penalties for anyone who "willfully harms" a federal police dog or horse. If the offense results in the death of the animal, the perpetrator could be imprisoned for up to ten years.

Great Ape Conservation Act (Public Law 106-411)
Establishes a fund to preserve great apes and the habitats which they depend.

ICCVAM Authorization Act
Permanently establishes the Interagency Coordinating Committee for the Validation of Alternative Methods, which reviews non-animal tests and recommends them to appropriate government agencies.

Military Dog Adoption bill (Public Law 106-446)
Facilitates adoption of former military working dogs by their handlers and partners.

Safe Air Travel for Animal Act (part of larger Public Law 106-181)
Requires airlines to provide the Department of Transportation with monthly reports describing any "loss, injury or death" of animals in their care.

Shark Finning Prohibition Act
Bans the practice of "finning" where the fins of a caught shark are cut off and the dying animal is then discarded at sea.

WHAT DIDN'T [PASS] (as of press time):

Bear Protection Act
Prohibits the import, export, sale or trade of bear parts (especially the gall bladder and bile) or products claiming to contain bear parts.

Captive Elephant Accident Prevention Act
Bans the use of elephants in traveling circuses.

Captive Exotic Animal Protection Act
Prohibits the transport of exotic animals for the purpose of a "canned hunt."

Downed Animal Protection Act
Prevents stockyards from marketing animals who are unable to walk on their own, unless the animal has been humanely euthanized.

Federal Cockfighting Amendment
Closes a loophole that allows fighting birds bred in a state in which cockfighting is illegal to be transferred to one of the three remaining "cockfighting states".

Pet Safety and Protection Act
Prohibits Class B (random-source) animal dealers from supplying dogs and cats to medical research facilities.

Steel-Jaw Leghold Trap Ban
Bans the use of conventional leghold traps and the furs obtained from these traps.

Violence Link Resolution
Recognizes the link between violence to animals and violence to humans.

Wildlife Services Amendment
Reduces funding for lethal predator control for the purpose of livestock protection.

Grace Van Vleck is Legislative Assistant for the Doris Day Animal League.

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