Animal Writes
24 January 2001 Issue
Everyday Activism

by [email protected] - staff writer

Want to help animals, but have limited time? Feel bad that you can't volunteer at your local shelter or protest at the nearest Macy's? Fret not, my friend, for there are small simple things you can do each day that will change the lives of millions!

~~ When you get mail from organizations that claim to help animals, but actually help to kill others (like local kill shelters and places like WWF and NWF), take those cards that ask for your donation and write "No Money Until You Stop The Killing" and mail it. You won't have to pay for postage because most organizations give you envelopes with postage paid already. That's $0.34 that won't go to animal suffering!

~~ Teach a fact about animal rights to a neighbor, friend, family member, or coworker a day. Don't come across strongly, and do not break into an argument. Even if the person says that you are wrong or crazy, rest assured that your thought is in their mind, and might change their way of thinking.

~~ Go vegan! With each dairy, meat, egg, and animal product subtracted from your menu, lives are saved. Tell others why you are not eating "the norm."

~~ Post no-kill shelter phone numbers on bulletin boards. There is always someone looking for a companion.

~~ Become the human billboard. Wear buttons with animal rights messages. Wear hats with logos of animal friendly companies.

~~ Buy smart. Shop only cruelty free. With a more and more companies opposed to animal testing, the choices become easier to the compassionate shopper.

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