Animal Writes
31 January 2001 Issue
David Sztybel, Ph.D. A Dynamic Speaker on the Philosophy of Animal Rights

Animal rights is one of the most controversial issues of our time. David Sztybel, Ph.D., is available to speak to your group on this fascinating topic. Possible talks include:

* Why Animal Research Should Be Banned. Many people accept animal research as an unfortunate necessity, while others see it as a non-issue. Dr. Sztybel makes a compelling argument that animal research should not merely be reformed, as some animal welfarists suggest, but rather should be completely abolished. Find out why!

* Why Eating Meat is Immoral. "Everybody" does it, but is it right? A penetrating look at the unexamined violence behind the average meal. Dr. Sztybel's own family used to run a fish and chips restaurant, now they are vegetarian!

* Judeo-Christianity vs Animal Rights. Most Jews and Christians value kindness to animals, and some even believe that the Bible requires this. In fact, the opposite is true, according to shocking research by Dr. Sztybel, who is of Jewish descent himself. Not to be missed!

* Environmentalism and Animal Rights. Many see an alliance between animal rights and environmentalism. But most forms of environmentalism are actually opposed to animal rights. Dr. Sztybel will explain where most environmentalists go wrong, and how environmentalism and animal rights can, and should, be unified.

* Buddhism and Animal Rights. Often seen as a recent trend, a profound concern for animals has actually existed for millennia, through the teachings of the Buddha. Dr. Sztybel's scholarship is important for both Buddhists and animal rights activists.

* The Theory of Animal Rights. A surprisingly sophisticated philosophical basis underlies the radical notion of animal rights. Dr. Sztybel has already convinced many people -- look out, you may be next!

About the Speaker: David Sztybel has been called one of the leading experts on animal rights philosophy in Canada. His diverse experience includes presentations at the academic conferences held by the prestigious Canadian Philosophical Association and the Radical Philosophy Association, and at a
conference on dissection hosted by University of Toronto Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (SETA). Dr. Sztybel was instructor for Philosophy of Human Sexuality, and has also served as a teaching assistant and guest lecturer for courses in introductory philosophy and Environmental Ethics at the University of Toronto, where he recently completed his Ph.D. in animal ethics. He is a founding member, past president, and current vice president of UofT SETA.

Separate web pages describe Dr. Sztybel's academic and popular writings.

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