Animal Writes
31 January 2001 Issue

The Great Ape Project seeks a world in which the boundary between humans and all other species no longer divides those beings who have basic rights from those who have none; nor those beings who are legally persons from those who are merely property.

As a consequence:
* All great apes are recognized as having rights to life, to liberty, and to protection from torture;
* Great apes in their native habitat are protected from human interference;
* Great apes who cannot be returned to their natural rangelands live in secure sanctuaries, free from harmful human experimentation or other forms of exploitation.

With the softening of the ethical boundary between human beings and their nearest relatives, we look forward to the commencement of a fundamental reconsideration of the relationships between humans and all other sentient beings.


The Great Ape Project exists in order to act as a catalyst for the realization of the vision outlined above. It seeks to do this in the following concrete ways:
* Promoting the Declaration on Great Apes and obtaining signatures for it.
* Spreading worldwide the ideas of the Great Ape Project and encouraging the development of a network of national and regional organizations for this purpose.
* Campaigning, either by ourselves or in alliance with other organizations, to address the plight of great apes as individuals, including those now in captivity, and those in danger in their native habitat.
* Encouraging changes in the laws of every country to ensure that great apes are not legally property, but instead beings whose intrinsic interests and rights are recognized at law.
* Ultimately, gaining a United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Great Apes.

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