Animal Writes
14 February 2001 Issue
What You Can Do

from Linda Jean Gubbe - [email protected] 

A volunteer called me the other day and said "I was in a lineup at one of the local stores and I overheard the woman ahead of me say "I just got five cats and one of them is pregnant already. Isn't that exciting?" Of course she gasped, but felt that by making a scene in the middle of a crowded store, it
would likely turn the person away from the issue instead of trying to make her understand the seriousness of what she had just said. So my volunteer said to me, we should have something that you could simply hand the person without too much of a fuss, and still feel that you have done something to open this person's eyes. I said "Great idea!" Quickly she searched and found a wonderful photo of a tiny orange tabby kitten. I wrote up the words and she made up business cards. Simple, easy to hand to someone, they can just put it in their pocket without a fuss and then if they choose to look at it later when you are not around, then it will still hold a lot of impact. The photo of the kitten will draw their attention quickly and they will be reading before they realize.

On the side with the kitten picture:

and she will die because no one will give her a home!
There are simply not enough good homes for all these innocent babies!
Over 200,000 animals are killed every year in Canada's shelters.

On the reverse side:

Right here in Saskatoon over 2400 animals are killed yearly!
One cat and her offspring + 7 years = 420,000.
Do you have homes to put these 420,000?

Please Spay/Neuter Your Companion Animal!
And for her sister's sake, please encourage others to do the same!
For more information, call Street Cat Rescue @ 975-3736

If every one of our volunteers carried two cards with them, and if they presented these cards quietly to someone, and if even a small handful became's a start!

I'll have some cards with me at the upcoming meeting.
Linda Jean Gubbe
Street Cat Rescue Program
Saskatoon, SK CANADA
Phone (306) 975-3736
Fax (306) 343-0184
EMAIL: [email protected]

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