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11 March 2001 Issue
Save Dolphins From TSA Tanks

from Keith Vick - [email protected] 

NATIONAL CALL-IN TO: Texas State Aquarium (TSA) APRIL 19-23rd, 2001 Boycott the Texas State Aquarium

No one has built dolphin tanks in the western world in at least the last 15 years for a simple reason -- these intelligent, curious, and social animals suffer terribly in tanks, a fact TSA would prefer to ignore because a dolphin exhibit means millions of dollars in revenues. Help us prevent this injustice!

TSA, the Texas State Aquarium, is seeking funds to build a new multi-dolphin exhibit. The reason that we and so many others oppose this addition to TSA is simple. Imprisoning these mammals is clearly abusive. They live much shorter lives, contract stress-related illnesses, often go clinically insane, which are all logical effects of being taken from a natural, social environment and thrust into slavery and imprisonment. Taken from IDA: “People who go to marine amusement parks are fascinated by the intelligence and sensitivity of dolphins and whales. Yet they don’t realize the degree of suffering and injustice involved in taking them from their families and ocean homes, and holding them captive to perform for our amusement. Marine parks and aquariums claim to “educate,” but in reality they teach
people to accept the capture and exploitation of marine mammals. That’s why many scientists and experts, such as the late Jacques Cousteau, oppose all captivity of marine mammals.” Read more about the effects of dolphins in captivity, similar campaigns to prevent dolphin cruelty, and see our Action Alerts for info on contacting TSA and its supporters with your opinions.

PROJECT TSA is a coalition of individuals and organizations working to stop the Texas State Aquarium’s plan to keep captive dolphins.

PLEASE CALL March 12th, 2001:
Texas State Aquarium (TSA)
Toll Free: 1-800-477-GULF

Tom Schmid, Executive Director
Texas State Aquarium
2710 North Shoreline Drive
Corpus Christi, TX 78402
Or calling Mr. Schmid at: 1-800-477-4853
Or visit TSA’s website:

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