Animal Writes
11 April 2001 Issue
Puppy Mill Cruelty Prosecution Case Lancaster County

from Catherine Rodgers - [email protected] 

In September there was a kennel raid in Mt Joy Township in Lancaster County, PA. We took 61 dogs from horrible conditions. There were 3 separate locations being used to house dogs and all were awful. One of locations was an old stone barn - no heat, no air-conditioning, no ventilation, and no light. The 2 small windows were boarded up. Smell of ammonia coming from that garage literally knocked me over. Dogs were enclosed in that pit in total darkness for almost 24 hrs a day. The only time that there would have been light was when the garage door was opened for someone to go in. Based on the build up of urine it had been some time since anyone had been there.

Some of the dogs crammed in cages were dog aggressive so other dogs lived in terror. Some were blind, others deaf & still others lame from conditions they were living in & failure of "owners" to provide adequate medical care.

The woman affiliated with the operation threatened to kill the police officer, his wife and their child. She was arrested for making terrorist threats & taken to prison. Cruelty charges were filed against her & against the man she lived with.

Cases are now making their way thru court. It would be very helpful to police officer pressing the case if we could locate people who've purchased dogs from the pair. The names are Charles Carr, Virginia Swayne or Crossroads Kennel. If you know anyone who's purchased dog from these people, please email me immediately.

There were many different breeds of dogs, but in particular, Bulldogs, Cocker Spaniels, Chihuahuas, Pugs, Wheatens & Dachshunds.

Please forward this to every person & group that may have an interest in it. It's very important that we locate people who purchased dogs from these people.

Lee Wheeler
Hearts United for Animals

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