Animal Writes
6 May 2001 Issue
Announcing GREY2K USA

from End Greyhound Racing - [email protected] 

We are proud to announce the formation of GREY2K USA, a new political advocacy organization dedicated to ending greyhound racing nationwide.

As I write to you, thousands of greyhound dogs are suffering at 49 racetracks in 15 states nationwide. In 2001 alone, an estimated 20,000 will be taken from their cages and killed. Next year, an equal number will be crammed inside the same cages and then put to death when no longer profitable...a truly vicious and inhumane cycle.

We all know that greyhound racing is in steep decline. But this may soon change. In the wake of degenerating revenues from live racing, tracks are reinventing themselves as full scale entertainment centers.

Across the country, racetracks are seeking to expand their simulcasting rights as well as begin offering casino-style gambling in the form of slot machines and video poker to their patrons. New grandstands and new restaurants with fine food and dancing, celebrity appearances -- even special holiday events for children are being provided to customers in a disgusting attempt to lure them to dog tracks!

But these distractions will not change the miserable lives and brutal deaths of racing dogs. The culling and killing of greyhound puppies on breeding farms will continue. The confinement and neglect at racing kennels will continue. The electrocution, the vivisection, the abuse, and the wanton torture will continue.

We must work together to end this cruelty. The adoption community has been fighting this battle single-handedly for far too long! Please join with us as we attack the racing industry where it lives -- in state legislatures. This means stopping the flow of state subsidies to racetracks, preventing the proliferation of slot machines, and averting the expansion of simulcasting.

When we increase our presence in the capitals and courts, in the media and in the mainstream, we will become the political voice that greyhounds so desperately need.

Please look for our upcoming mailing containing specific information about the GREY2K USA campaign. A new web resource is currently under development as well. But there is simply no time to waste. The greyhounds need us now. You can do five things right away to promote this important work:

1. Educate yourself further about the greyhound industry. Check out web sites like or immediately.

2. If you don't already, please subscribe to the Greyhound Network News. You can find them online at

3. Read newspapers and write Letters to the Editor on greyhound racing. We will be glad to help with fact checking and composition.

4. Distribute information from greyhound advocacy and greyhound adoption organizations, like the Greyhound Protection League and the National Greyhound Adoption Program. The Greyhound Protection League can be contacted at 888-842-4404. The National Greyhound Adoption Program can be contacted at 215-331-7918. GREY2K USA will make its own informational brochures available in the near future.

[Editor's Note: For further information on how you can help, email [email protected] ]

Over one million dogs have been murdered in the seventy-five year history of greyhound racing. Let's bring an end to this bloody industry!

Carey Theil & Christine Dorchak
PO Box 442117
Somerville, MA 02144

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