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3 June 2001 Issue
P & G Cruel to Dogs & Cats

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On the 27th May 2001, an exclusive front page article in the major national British newspaper, the Sunday Express, entitled, "Pet Food Cruelty Exposed, Cats And Dogs Suffered In Experiments For Top Brand", by Lucy Johnston the Health Editor, reveals that during Proctor and Gambles development of the cat and dog food Iams the paper "uncovered damning evidence of gruesome tests performed on dogs and cats during the development of the product".

The article alleges that "hundreds of animals suffered incredible agony in a series of tests designed to perfect Iams. A huge dossier of research papers exposes how scientists deliberately induced kidney failure and other conditions in dogs and cats." Details of the experiments uncovered by the Sunday Express and Uncaged Campaigns show:

* "24 young dogs had their right kidneys removed and the left partly damaged to investigate how protein affects dogs with kidney failure.

* Eight dogs were killed to analyze the kidney tissue. Dogs which became sick were not treated because it would have undermined the test results"

* "In another test, the stomachs of 28 cats were exposed so scientists could analyze the effects of feeding them fibre. The animals were operated on for at least two hours and then killed"

* "The research team sterilized 24 female cats, which were overfed until they became obese. They were then starved on a crash diet and when they had lost at least 30 per cent of their weight their livers were examined to investigate the link between weight loss and liver disease"

* "The company also sponsored research in which 14 husky puppies were repeatedly injected with live virus vaccines and allergy causing proteins for the first 12 weeks of their lives. They developed permanent illnesses in the test, which was designed to see how severely allergic they could become"

* "Twelve huskies, 12 poodles and 12 Labradors were regularly given chest wounds to see if diet could affect fur regrowth. This was justified in the study on the grounds that 'dogs are enjoyable to look at. Dogs with coat problems are simply not handled as much'".

The article says that Dr Dan Cary of Iams justified the studies saying they would save pets from illnesses, and that their mission is to enhance the health of dogs and cats. Also that the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), which is the leading recognized animal charity in Britain, has vowed to sever all ties. And the article quotes one Member of Parliament Norman Baker as saying "Perhaps they should list their experiments on their labels and then see how much they sell."

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IAMS and animal testing 

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