Animal Writes
10 June 2001 Issue
SHARK's Tiger Truck

by Steve Hindi - [email protected] 

I think everyone who cares about animals would have thoroughly enjoyed occurrences in St. Charles, Illinois last night. The Sterling and Reid Circus came to town, and not by coincidence, so did our Tiger Truck, showing video footage of Tyke the elephant being gunned down in the streets of Honolulu a few years ago.

The circus was set up close to a busy street. When the Tiger made the first pass, everyone looked, trying to understand what was happening. On the second pass a minute later, the circus goofs were trying to laugh it off, and were waving at us.

But by the third pass, the goofs had lost their sense of humor completely, and were shaking their fists at us and blowing us off! Very shortly thereafter, the first St. Charles police car showed up to offer a Kleenex to the crybaby goofs. The officer dutifully watched the Tiger as it cruised back and forth exposing circus cruelty.

A short time later, another officer showed up, following the Tiger. He seemed surprised when the Tiger turned around and followed him. We met up, and the officer expressed doubt that the Tiger was street legal. I expressed no doubt whatsoever that it was.

In the end, the police did nothing. The circus goofs continued to cry, threaten and flip us off (which also represented their collective IQ), and people caught an eyeful of what circuses are really all about.

We'll be back for tonight's performances.

[To see a picture of the Tiger Truck, check the following website.

The Tiger Truck / SHARK

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