Animal Writes
13 June 2001 Issue
The New Zone

by Robert Cohen - [email protected] 

Have you noticed those glass cages at airports? Addicts pace inside, puffing on cigarettes, while enormously efficient fans atop terminal buildings suck out carbon monoxide and other noxious fumes.

Airports have been declared smoke-free zones, and with good reason. Cigarette smokers offend non-smokers, and those who continue the practice are placed in see-through glass cubicles for other passengers to gawk at. Cigarette smokers are a dying breed in more ways than one.

Five hundred years from now, when starships are no longer science fiction, and when man evolves into the spiritual being that he was always fated to become, would you imagine that he will still be killing animals to provide for his sustenance?

With delicious and nutritious soy and wheat analogues, twenty-first century man has eliminated that desire for chicken and cow flesh among millions of people who have become vegetarians and vegans. Further advances in nutritional science will one day replicate exactly the textures of foods that omnivores find appealing. The seeds of the earth and the fruits of those seeds will supply mankind with all of its food needs, and do so in a manner in which every meal becomes a culinary delight.

On that day, all of planet Earth will become a meat-free zone.

Historians may very well identify a moment in time in which the first step to the creation of a universal meat-free zone began.

Folks, we are witnessing history. Join me in welcoming the origin of the meat-free-zone movement. 

Andy Glick and Jerry Cook, both members of EarthSave International's board of Directors, have turned Glick's original concept into reality.

Long ago, peer pressure was placed upon those who would not puff upon cigarettes. Today, cigarette smokers have become society's pariahs. So, too, will meat eaters one day be considered more than pariahs. The last of the meat eaters will be ridiculed as unhealthy savages who torture and kill gentle creatures, and, in doing so, saturate their own bodies with dangerous
animal fats and cholesterol.

Together, Glick and Cook have clicked and look forward to a world in which meat-free zone signs are posted in homes and restaurants. Today America, tomorrow the world!

I myself have ordered the first run of t-shirts and bumper stickers in support of this program. I hope that you do the same.

Join the movement. Andy and Jerry have dug deep into their pockets, and are offering free beginner kits: 

Do whatever you can to help take this message to millions of people. One day, the meat-free-zone signs will be taken down, for that is mankind's destiny. On that day the animals will earn a right that mankind has denied them; the unalienable right to live their lives without pain.

Help to accelerate that moment.

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