Animal Writes
1 July 2001 Issue
Dear Editor


from Roberta Wright - SPEAK Tucson

[email protected]

It's that time of year again, and letters to the editor are needed to combat circus fever in Tucson. Below is my letter, sent to [email protected]

Arizona Daily Star

Dear Editor:

Where but in Tucson could commercial enterprises like rodeos and circuses get so much free publicity from the media? I was sickened by pictures of elephants walking on the hideously hot summer pavement on their way to the community center, while mothers and their small children

looked on in awe. Why doesn't the paper run just as big a story about the tragedy of these wonderful creatures living their whole lives in confinement, trained to do things they would never do in the wild, and influencing the minds of youngsters who then believe that all these things are completely natural? Who will tell these children that what they are seeing are all lies? Their parents? Apparently not. And when they leave the circus, what do they take from the experience? That all is well with the huge wild animals they saw so callously displayed for human entertainment.

The failure to empathize with the plight of these animals is truly mind-boggling. When is the public going to wake up and realize that we cannot dominate and beat into submission every living creature for gratuitous reasons? When are we going to become compassionate consumers of

our planet rather than rapists and pillagers of everything we see? Ringling Bros. is just the tip of the iceberg, but we should not be giving them a free ride without demanding a full and complete picture of the atrocity.


Roberta S. Wright, Founder

Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom (SPEAK)

[email protected]

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