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1 July 2001 Issue
"I Only Want A ..."

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I recently tried helping two cats find a home. One was a beautiful tabby who was down on his luck. His caretaker was having a baby, so the cat became disposable. The other was a beautiful purebred Siamese cat who also needed a home. This was another case of a caretaker moving and not bothering to check if she could bring her cat with her.

I received over thirty responses from people all over the state who were interested in the Siamese, and not one letter for the tabby. Of course, the Siamese was placed in a good home quickly, but the tabby was still waiting.

I thanked all of the people who offered a home to the Siamese and I let them know that he had found a home, but there was still a tabby who was waiting. I asked them if they would be interested in him.

Everyone said, "No, I only want a Siamese."

"Why do you only want a Siamese?"

"They have great personalities."

"Yes, they do have wonderful personalities, but so does this tabby. Would you at least like to meet him?"

"No, thank you."

...end of conversation.

I can't help but think of all the wonderful cats that are passed over because they are not a certain breed. If you are looking for a cat (or other companion animal, such as a dog, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, etc.) with specific personality traits, let the shelter or rescue know exactly what you are looking for. A dog that is good with children or a cat that gets along with other animals is not limited to a specific breed. Different companion animals have different personalities. There is no need to pass over a wonderful animal just because they are not your "preferred breed."

The tabby is sitting in a cage at the shelter waiting for a home. He fit the specifications of almost thirty people and would make a great addition to their family, but because he's not a specific breed, he will probably be killed in seven days.

Let's end the "preferred breed" mentality that is literally killing companion animals on a daily basis.

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