Animal Writes
1 July 2001 Issue
Safety Reminder

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Too many people are still not aware just how dangerous many everyday products used in gardening are.

Snail and Slug Baits and Beyond... Metaldehyde is one of the main ingredients in most slug and snail baits and one of the deadliest. It is extremely hazardous to all mammal life and dogs are exceptionally attracted to it. Metaldehyde poisoning can cause dangerously increased heart rate,

severe breathing complications, and profound seizures, leading to death. If caught early enough to treat, most survivors still eventually die from complications with the liver. In either case, it's an ugly and painful way to die. Some people use the 'dust' snail baits, which are extra dangerous, as

it can be carried on the wind for many blocks. This poisonous dust, which the wind can carry to your lawn or lawns your dogs may walk on, like in a park -- the dog walks through it, then later licks their feet. Well do you see a potentially deadly scenario forming here? Please remember to let your dog walk through a pans of clean water, to rinse their paws, followed by wiping them dry after each walk in public areas or even around the neighborhood. Their life could depend on it.

Other Pests and Pesticides... More than 1400 active pesticide ingredients are used in an excess of 45,000 pesticide formulas. Because of the extremely hazardous nature of some pesticides, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has canceled, suspended or restricted their use. The following is a list of pesticides banned from household use in the USA:

Aldrin, Aresenates, Chordane, Creosote, Cyanides, DBCP, DDT, Dieldrin, Heptachlor, Kepone, Lindane, Mirex, Pentachlorophenol (PCP), Silvex, Arsenite, 2, 4, 5-T and Toxaphene. DO NOT USE THESE PRODUCTS!

Learn more about these and other 'Everyday Products' that could be hazardous and some alternatives at 

Please remind all your friends who share their homes with animals too.

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