Animal Writes
18 July 2001 Issue
The Food Revolution: How Your Diet can Help Save your Life and the Worl

by John Robbins

Review by Light and Sun

co-founders of Gentle World

Authors of Incredibly Delicious; The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook 

During the 1960's, a time of spiritual awakening, people became aware of the cruelty inherent in animal products. The early 80's revealed the extraordinary health benefits of a plant-based diet. In the late 80's, John Robbins wrote the best-selling Pulitzer Prize nominated "Diet for a New America," which exposed the devastating impact the meat, dairy and egg industries are exerting on our fragile environment. He became a hero of the Vegetarian Movement. Then, in the mid-90's, we suffered a backlash of media propaganda purchased by these concerned industries.

Now, in the first year of the new millennium, our hero has returned, hopefully just in the nick of time, as heroes do. John Robbins has once again, galloped into the frays carrying vinyl saddlebags filled with copies of the FOOD REVOLUTION: HOW YOUR DIET CAN HELP SAVE YOUR LIFE AND THE WORLD." When we first heard about the book, we literally jumped for joy, "Hooray," we shouted, "The cavalry has arrived!" After reading this updated, more-relevant-than-ever, thoroughly-researched sequel to "Diet for a New America," although the somber facts and figures disclosed are more than a bit alarming, WE ARE ELATED!!! The truth is out, and the truth shall set us free!!!

In the almost four hundred inspiring pages, John Robbins reveals the formidable toll an animal-based diet is taking on every aspect of human health. He eloquently describes the heart wrenching conditions animals are subjected to on factory farms (including fisheries). He unveils the vast ecological damage our planet is suffering at the hands of animal agriculture. He informs us of the frightening facts behind genetically-modified foods. Happily, all this serious information is lightened with inspiring anecdotes. One chapter entitled "The Pig Farmer," is a beautifully written true story, which proves that compassion has the power to transform human life. We would love to see it excerpted and published in magazines world-wide.

The author possesses a rare mixture of heroic qualities: A keen insight into gravity of the situation we are facing, the courage to expose the powerful culprits, and the faith necessary to lead humanity into the light.

The beauty of this monumental work is that it reminds us of the greatest power each one of us has to stem the tide of destruction--the power of our choices. It encourages us to use this power, specifically by choosing nourishing, delicious plant-based foods, which are gentler on everyone

and everything.

It has been said that visionaries are blessed with a sense of humor to lighten any darkness their visions may reveal. In "The Food Revolution," John Robbins proves this to be true, time and time again, with comments that made us laugh out loud.

In the future, a saner world will recognize him as the knight with the shining book. We believe that his words will become steps which will elevate, and thereby guide a higher perspective, to all who read them.

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