Animal Writes
23 September 2001 Issue
Butterfly Kisses

By [email protected] 

On September 11th I woke to a phone call from my father in England telling me about the disaster that hit this beautiful country called America, a country I am proud to be living in and one that I call my home.

The day before my vacation, I had taken the day off to do some last minute chores as I prepared for my flight to Baltimore to assist The Animals' Agenda magazine in their office for six days, as well as attend a two day conference in Virginia at United Poultry Concerns.

Needless to say my flight never left the ground.

I had to make a decision as to whether I was going to continue my vacation or go back to work and take it at a later date. I felt too emotional and distraught at the horrific news as I watched endless hours of CNN, listened to radio broadcasts, and witnessed sad and numb expressions on the faces of friends and strangers, slowly driving me further into this sad and sorry condition I was in.

The sunny skies of Florida soon turned into gray skies with heavy rain and windstorms that followed. It was as if the earth was mourning, and the sky was sobbing at the needless and horrendous loss of innocent lives.

A few days later the gray skies turned back to blue and I wanted to do something on this earth to remember the tragic loss of life, so I created my own memorial site in my back yard, a butterfly garden. It was a cheerful project, and a way to cope and distract myself from hours of being glued to the television, feeling hopeless and helpless as the tragedy turned more and more into a living nightmare.

Should you feel inspired to make a Butterfly Garden of your own, I would suggest getting most, if not all, of the following supplies:

* Bird Bath
* Small fish pond (but NO fish)!
* Three to five stepping stones
* Gravel rocks
* White picket fence (12 inches or higher to keep curious "Fur Kids" out).
* 3 to 5 Solar lights
* Bird feeders
* Windchimes
* Plant pots
* Decorative watering can
* Inspirational rocks (with sayings such as "love", "inspiration", "memories", "tranquility", "hope")
* Decorative small garden decorations
* Butterfly attracting plants (pentas, lantana, passionvine, milkweed)
* Ground cover (vines, ivy, or simply dried leaves or mulch).

This evening I sat and sipped tea by the butterfly garden, surrounded by my 'fur kids'. Although my thoughtful project will never bring back the lost lives or heal the aching hearts of those that were left behind, it will always be a place that I will gaze into and know that those innocent victims will never be forgotten.

Susan Roghair, President
Animal Rights Online

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