Animal Writes
30 September 2001 Issue
Urgent Homeless Animals Need Your Help

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We are all painfully aware of the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The only good that came out of that horrific day is the compassion that the human race displayed; not only amongst one another, but also towards the companion animals who were affected by the disaster. Literally hundreds of people from all across the country, even from overseas, offered to adopt and/or foster an animal who was left orphaned because of the disaster.

This was not the first time something like this has happened. In New York, a cat named Scarlett walked through a fire five times to save her kittens. The story hit all the newspapers. More than 6,000 concerned people called the shelter where Scarlett and her family were staying. Adoption offers poured in.

During a crisis, people make room for an animal in need. During a tragedy, people who never planned on having a companion animal suddenly feel the urge to open their home to one. So where are all these people while shelters are killing healthy animals because they need to make room for the next batch to come in?

"Fluffy," who was dropped off by "Jane Doe" because she was moving, didn't get her picture in the newspaper. This cat wasn't a "celebrity" and therefore she quietly died, no one ever knowing she was there.

"Fido," dropped off by "John Doe," was just another dog dumped at the shelter by an irresponsible guardian. There was nothing remarkable about "Fido's" surrender; he was just one of hundreds that passed through the shelter's door. "Fido" also quietly died, his demise never considered a "tragedy."

Every shelter and rescue in the USA is suffering through a disaster at this very moment. Companion animals are surrendered on a daily basis by people who have suddenly developed allergies or just have no need for a pet anymore. They are abandoned by people who neglected to spay or neuter their companion animals and now have a litter of babies and do not want them.

Shelters and rescues have faced a disaster long before September 11th. Most people are aware that animals are being killed because there are not enough homes. I can't help but think -- where is their cavalry? Are they waiting for a formal announcement?

Well, here it is -- here is your call to action. There is a crisis happening right this minute at your local shelter or rescue. Animals are dying because they don't have homes. They need you now, they needed you yesterday, they will need you tomorrow. If you have room to take in a companion animal because of a crisis, right now is the time to do it. Please do not become desensitized to all the deaths that occur on a daily basis behind shelter doors; do not accept animals dying on the street as the "norm." This is a tragedy.

These animals are facing a quiet crisis, an ignored disaster -- and they are paying for it with their lives.

[email protected]
September 28, 2001

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