Animal Writes
10 October 2001 Issue
Deadly Anthrax May Affect You

by Robert Cohen - [email protected] 


The same may not be said for your snail-mail.

It appears that the deadly anthrax infection in Florida was "delivered" by somebody with evil intentions.

FBI will soon arrest that individual, and America will be lulled into a false sense of security.

Today we learn that the Florida anthrax was delivered in letter form by a man
with Middle-East connections. That story can be found on Matt Drudge's website. (Drudge is the reporter who first broke the Monica Lewinsky story). 

Here is what you will not read on Drudge.


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently averted a meat and dairy panic by using their enormous resources to censor and keep the truth about America's meat supply from Americans.

USDA's mission is to protect the health and safety of America's food supply, but their one true mission seems to be to protect meat and milk producers, at all costs.


I have learned that there was an enormous meat recall this past August, and that recall may very well have been traced to an anthrax epidemic in cattle and cows in the state of Minnesota.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds of meat were affected.

Americans have not heard the story, which you will first see here.

When meat is recalled, the usual reason given is "listeria" infection. When chicken is recalled, the usual reason given is "E coli 157" infection.

This past summer, the reason for the recalled meat was given as "E coli"

In July, hundreds of deer and several horses and cattle died in south Texas
after an outbreak of anthrax. 

In September, anthrax was found in a South Dakota buffalo herd. 

On August 30th, a total of 500,000 pounds of beef were recalled from various states. 

It appears that the recalled meat was processed at IBP's Dakota City beef factory in Nebraska. Were cattle trucked a mere 100 miles from Minnesota to Nebraska, and the slaughtered meat distributed to Sam's Clubs in Mississippi? 



and Florida: 

Anthrax victims die from pneumonia-like symptoms. It might be appropriate to autopsy those who may have been infected from diseased cattle and dairy cows.

England reacted to Hoof and Mouth Disease by destroying millions of farm animals. British citizens recognized that meat and dairy consumption may be hazardous to one's health, despite the fact that Hoof and Mouth is rarely passed on to humans from farm animals.

An American anthrax epidemic might very well have ended the consumption of meat in America.

USDA did their job very well. They protected those who raise cattle and dairy cows so that an unsuspecting public might eat diseased flesh and drink diseased body fluids.

I do not have the resources to check every trail from every animal, but our government does. Conflicts of interest prevent USDA from conducting an unbiased investigation.

The one American government body having the authority and power to do the right thing is the Government Accounting Office (GA0). The GAO is the investigative branch of Congress.

What can you do? Look up the phone number of your Congressional representative.

Print this column. Send a WRITTEN letter requesting a GAO investigation. That is all we can do to hope that truth can be found.

Americans have sacrificed freedoms and placed their trust in government to protect their safety. Such faith is not what made America great.

It is up to each of us to insure that our children, parents, and loved ones continue to enjoy complete health and safety.

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