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10 October 2001 Issue
P&G Lies

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P&G Shareholder's Meeting Targeted for Lack of Progress in Halting Needless Animal Tests

Cincinnati, Ohio - Displaying a banner reading "P&G: Where's the Progress?" activists against animal testing to confront participants at this year's Procter & Gamble shareholder meeting to address its lack of movement in eliminating these archaic, barbaric and unnecessary tests. The protest was to be held at Cincinnati Music Hall on 1243 Elm Street starting at noon on Tuesday, October 9.

In July 1999, P&G responded to the intense and ongoing public pressure over its reliance on animal testing by issuing a news release declaring the company was stopping animal tests. In fact, this proved nothing more than a very savvy public relations move to restore its reputation and win back customer support.

The new announcement carried all sorts of exceptions to P&G's so-called elimination of animal tests. The bottom line is that P&G's announcement only pertained to existing or reformulated products on animals. The company has continued to test new products and new ingredients on animals. In essence, this was not really any sort of breakthrough at all, but P&G hoped to appease consumers into believing it was taking the first step towards a final ban on animal tests.

Now, more than two years later, that misleading "first step" has progressed no further. Meanwhile, P&G was reported by the British media as having "lobbied intensely" to prevent the emerging laws passed by the European Union that will impose a total ban on animal tests on all cosmetic products in EU countries. This effort by P&G shows the company's true intent for perpetuating outdated and cruel animal tests.

Shocking, too, was the recent exposure that the Iams Corporation, a subsidiary of P&G, has been harming and killings dogs and cats, claiming to make a better brand of pet food. In dozens of painful and invasive experiments, the Iams Co., which manufactures the Iams/Eukanuba line of dog and cat foods, has caused hundreds of dogs and cats to suffer and sometimes die in the name of "nutrition research." These experiments were not designed to help the animals involved. These victims were all healthy animals who were used simply as disposable laboratory equipment.

In communications between In Defense of Animals (IDA) and Iams, the company claims it has stopped all such nutrition research in the last two years. However, it has not yet signed a letter that was presented to Iams in July, asking Iams to more specifically define what it will and will not do in animal experiments. Until such clarification is attained, IDA considers Iams to be sponsoring yet more pain and suffering on animals and will continue to urge consumers to boycott both P&G and Iams.

In Defense of Animals is an international, California-based animal advocacy organization dedicated to ending the abuse and exploitation of animals by defending their rights, welfare and habitats.


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