Animal Writes
24 October 2004 Issue
Urgent, Request Senators to Co-Sponsor & Support:

2: Leahy-Fitzgerald "FORCED MOLTING" Amendment, and
Akaka-Leahy "DOWNED ANIMAL" Protection Amendment
to S. 1191 (the Senate Agriculture Appropriations Bill). .

There is strong opposition to "Downed Animal Protection Act" now in the Senate. The National Cattlemen's Beef Association wants to sell "carcasses" of sick downed animals and expressed concerns about a federal ban. Meanwhile, Rendering plants, which used to buy "carcasses" for processing into "animal feed" and other "products", now is opposing "Downed Animal Protection Act".

Let's contact US Senators to urge them to Co-Sponsor and Support the Downed Animal Protection Act and Forced Molting Amendments. Sample Letter below:


Please place your Name, Address at the Beginning and End of your letter. Please state that you are a "Constituent(s)" or a "U.S. Constituents" (if you live in US) :

From: Your Name,
Your Address,
City, State, Zip
U.S. Constituents or Constituents ( if you live in US)

Re: Please
Co-Sponsor/Support Downed Animal Protection Act.
Co-Sponsor/Support two humane Amendments to S. 1191:
Leahy-Fitzgerald Forced Molting Amendments
Akaka-Leahy Downed Animal Amendments :

Dear Senator ,

As a voter and concerned citizen, I'm urging you to support the following Humane legislation:
Co-Sponsor/ Support the Downed Animal Protection Act (S. 267)
Co-Sponsor / Support the two Humane Amendments to S. 1191,
the Leahy-Fitzgerald Forced Molting Amendments and
Akaka-Leahy Downed Animal Amendments :

1) Please Co-Sponsor and Support Downed Animal Protection Act (S. 267): Senator Daniel Akaka had introduced S.267, the Downed Animal Protection Act on Feb. 6, 2001. A bill to amend the Packers and Stockyards Act of 1921, to make it unlawful for any stockyard owner, market agency, or dealer to transfer or market nonambulatory livestock, and for other purposes. The cattle industry wants to sell the downed animal "carcasses" to the rendering plants. However, many articles showed that Mad Cow outbreak may have been caused by animal Rendering plants. The Rendering plants blend the raw product in order to maintain a certain ratio between the carcasses of pets, livestock, poultry waste and supermarket rejects. These are dumped into giant grinders at rendering plants, as are the entire bodies of cows and other farm animals known to be diseased. About 75 percent of the ninety-million beef cattle in America are routinely given feed that has been "enriched" with rendered animal parts. The gruesome mix is ground, steam-cooked, the lighter, fatty material floating to the top gets refined for use in such products as cosmetics, lubricants, soaps, candles, and waxes. The heavier protein material is dried and pulverized into a brown powder about a quarter of which consists of fecal material. The powder is used as an additive to almost all pet food as well as to livestock feed.

2: Akaka-Leahy Downed Animal Amendment - to Prevent funding for inspections of meat obtained from "downed animals," farm animals (cows, steer, sheep, and pigs) who, because of illness or injury, are completely unable to walk. Currently, these animals are kicked, dragged, prodded with electric shocks, and even bulldozed in an effort to move them at stockyards, auctions and other intermediate markets, en route to slaughter. By prohibiting inspections of meat from downed animals, the Akaka-Leahy amendment will ensure that such animals can't be used for human food, thereby creating an incentive to treat animals better so that they don't become too weak or sick to walk.

3: Leahy-Fitzgerald Forced Molting Amendment - to Prevent taxpayer funding, under the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs, for the purchase of eggs produced at facilities that intentionally starve their hens for up to two weeks
as a form of "forced molting." Forced molting, aside from being patently inhumane, also dramatically increases the likelihood of salmonella transmission to humans.

Ten Billions of sentient animals each year are killed for "food" in U.S. Every day, billions of animals suffer from the horror, shock and pain which is no less than the terror and tragedy in the World Trade Center. The European Commission's activities on animal welfare now start with the recognition that animals are "sentient beings". They recently have many Legislations in force on animal welfare issues to set standards for the welfare of animals on the farm, during transport and at
slaughter. The humane legislation for "agriculture" animals in the United States is far behind the European Commission.

We will only vote for the legislators who is compassionate to the billions of suffering "sentient" animals and concerned about our national health. Please stop the very cruel selling and killing of crippled downed animals for unethical profits. Please stop the very cruel unethical "Forced Molting" in egg industry. All of these cruel behaviors from the meat/dairy and egg industries are endangering American public health greatly.

Thank you for your urgent help.


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