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14 November 2001 Issue
Dog Mutilations in Spain

From [email protected] 

On the night of 2nd November, at around 3.00am, one or several people broke into Tarragona's Animal Protection Refuge (Spain), where more than 200 animals sleep. These "people" chose 15 dogs of small-medium size amongst the most sociable and friendly, and took them outside. The dogs were then tied to a tree, covered with blankets, and were brutally mutilated – their front paws were severed, either by a chain-saw or machete.

Nine of the fifteen dogs were still alive when the volunteer workers arrived on Saturday morning. They still had the energy to wag their tails. Their lives could not be saved, and they were euthanized, after spending an agonizing night, bleeding to death. One of the dogs was a female, which dragged herself to her 20 days old puppies to feed them.

By Sunday 4th November, 5 small-medium sized and several big dogs were still missing.

A demonstration in Madrid, the Spanish capital, will take place on Saturday 17th November and a further demonstration is planned for Sunday 2nd December in the Animal Protection Refuge where the dogs were tortured.

All the Spanish animal protection associations are asking for tougher penalties for animal cruelty. In Spain you may only get a fine to pay, and that is not in all the regions. Signatures are now being collected to ask the government for national tough legislation against animal cruelty. In order for this to be considered, 500,000 signatures from Spanish citizens are needed.

However, people from all over the world can put pressure on the Spanish government, asking for appropriate measures to be taken. Spanish economy relies on tourism, so that is the best place to start with. Please write to the Spanish Prime Minister and ask him to do something for the animals, NOW. We have included a sample letter (in English and Spanish) or alternatively you can create your own. Please ask all your friends and family to support this campaign and to send a letter or email.

Thanks a lot.

Mari-Carmen and Celia



Excmo. Sr. Jose Maria Aznar
Presidente del Gobierno
Complejo de la Moncloa
Edf. Semillas
28071 Madrid

Phone + 34 –91- 335 3535 Fax + 34 –91- 390 0329
Email: [email protected]  (
C.C. [email protected]om  (

Estimado Sr. Aznar,

Me he enterado del reciente trágico suceso cometido en la Protectora de Animales de Tarragona, donde a quince de los perros se les dejo morir en un charco de su propia sangre después de que unos criminales no identificados les hubieron mutilado las patas delanteras. Encuentro todavía peor el hecho de que si los criminales son encontrados y penalizados ningún castigo penal será aplicado debido a la ausencia de leyes en la Constitución Española dirigidas a la protección de los derechos de los animales. Si los criminales son alguna vez identificados solo tendrían que pagar una multa por sus crimines en lugar de pasar tiempo en prisión. Quiero añadir mi voz a la de aquellos ciudadanos españoles que piensan que tal crimen no debe ir sin castigo.

Le pido a Ud. y a su gobierno que creen nuevas leyes para proteger a los animales y para castigar a individuos que cometan crueldades tales como la reciente masacre de Tarragona. Ha sido demostrado por especialistas que la crueldad contra animales es el primer paso hacia el asesinato de otros seres humanos, y la mayoría de los asesinos en serie han manifestado crueldad contra los animales durante su infancia. Espero que esto le haga comprender la seriedad del caso.

Espero que tome los pasos necesarios para establecer los tan necesitados derechos de los animales en su país, de lo contrario no visitare España y pediré a mis familiares y amigos que hagan lo mismo. No aceptare visitar un país donde tales atrocidades son permitidas.

Country (very important)

(English version)

Dear Mr Aznar,

I have been informed about the recent tragic events perpetrated in the Refuge for Dogs in Tarragona where fifteen of their dogs were left to die in a pool of their own blood after having their front paws mutilated by some unidentified criminals. I am even more appalled to hear that if the criminals are to be found and prosecuted no punishment will be applied due to the lack of any laws in the Spanish Constitution aimed at protecting animal rights. If the criminals are ever identified they would only be required to pay a fine for their crimes instead of serving some time in prison. I want to add my voice to those of the Spanish citizens who think such a crime should not go unpunished.

I urge you and your Government to create new laws to protect animals and to punish individuals who perpetrate cruelties such as the recent massacre in Tarragona. It has been proved by scientists that animal cruelty is the first step in ladder to murdering other fellow human-beings, and most serial killers have been identified as animal abuser in their childhood. I trust this will make you understand the seriousness of the case.

I hope you will take the necessary steps to establish the so much needed animal rights in your country, otherwise I will not visit Spain and will ask my family and friends to do the same. I am not prepared to visit a country where such atrocities are allowed.

Waiting to hear encouraging news.

Yours sincerely,

Country (very important)

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