Animal Writes
18 November 2001 Issue
My Vegan Kitties

by [email protected] 

Since it was my first cat, Orpheus, who assisted me to go vegetarian twenty-five years ago, it was a pleasure to return the favor and convert my two young feline companions to a vegan diet. Living with Orpheus made it plain to me that animals could think, have emotions and even communicate. Once I realized that, I couldn't help but choose a plant based diet for myself. Once I fully realized what I was feeding my cats, it seemed logical to find an alternative to animal byproducts.

For those who might think it unnatural for a cat to be vegetarian, the only natural diet would be for me to feed them live rodents, birds and insects. Domestic cats would never stalk a cow in the wild, nor dive for tuna.

Commercial cat food is composed of the foulest waste products of the slaughterhouse and rendering plants, in other words, of slightly lesser quality than human grade meats. Thank goodness I discovered Evolution vegan pet food.

This morning, my formerly feral female and my once homeless male enjoyed a vegetable stew (my last night leftovers) as a side dish to their entree of Evolution brand vegan cat kibble. For the last four months, they have been enjoying this kibble, sometimes with a garnish of a tablespoon of Tofutti sour cream substitute, grated zucchini or tomato sauce. It's fun to see what foods of mine they like, and a good way of getting rid of leftovers.

Evolution is a nutritionally complete formula available as a wet canned food or dry kibble (preferred by my cats) developed by a veterinarian in Minnesota. This is one product that I am glad was tested on animals for over a decade. It provides, from vegan sources, over 100 percent of the taurine and other amino acids and vitamins that cats need. Evolution is a superior quality pet food, made with human grade vegan ingredients (it tastes rather bland to me, but my cats like it). With shipping costs, I get a 10 pound bag of kibble for 34 dollars and it lasts a bit over a month, that's only fifty cents per cat per day. I am thankful for this product and trust in it enough to feed it to my two companions, and also to recommend it to you.

Please learn more about Evolution brand vegetarian dog and cat food at - Health food for Dogs, Cat, and Ferrets.

and be sure to read this article about the disgusting things in commercial pet food
Commercial Pet Foods

[Editor's Note: ParkStRanger receives no compensation, either monetarily or in kibble, for his unsolicited recommendation.}

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