Animal Writes
28 November 2001 Issue
A Pizza the Action, ARO Starts New Campaign For Vegan Pizza

by [email protected] 

I miss pizza. I miss the convenience of having home delivery of hot greasy pizza. Back when I was a lacto vegetarian, it wasn't so hard to talk my coworkers into ordering an all veggie pizza to be delivered to our workplace. But being a vegan really cuts down my options for this guilty pleasure. I either make one myself, which rarely happens, or I rely on the one place in town that makes an interesting vegan pizza. Even their pizza, while tasty with unusual vegetables like broccoli and zucchini, seems to be incomplete without that ingredient that really makes a pizza a pizza, cheese.

Being discriminating and sophisticated consumers, we vegans are more careful about what we put in our mouths than the typical omnivore. We don't care to ingest condensed moldy mammary fluids from another species. Nor do we want the other concentrated things that come with it, the hormones, the pesticides, herbicides and other lifeformicides. And we don't want to support the veal industry which is a direct result of impregnating dairy cows to make them produce milk.

But cheese in dips, sauces, enchiladas, chile rellenos, chile con queso, cheddar cheese with a piece of apple pie, bleu cheese on a slice of apple....ahhh... the memories...and that incredible Italian-American creation - the pizza,...sigh... of which I have fond memories associated with when I was in college, learning how to be an animal rights advocate, those long nights with vegetarian pizza and beer and other stimulants as we studied for the next day's ....but I digress, ah...the power of cheese !

At a recent Animal Rights Online staff meeting, we decided to promote a new campaign, Vegan Pizza at Pizza Hut
So we are asking all our readers to click on this page which leads to Pizza Hut
Pizza Hut | Contact Us
and fill in the feedback form and your own words...

"Gee, it would be nice to be able to get a vegan pizza," with a vegan cheese formula like the ones used by VeganRella or Earthkind, or maybe you could come up with a formula of your own....(Shh....don't you all use the word "formula" or they will figure out that this is a campaign....Shhh.)
Welcome to the Land of Rella 
EarthKind Cheese Home of Vegan Gourmet Cheese Alternative

Wouldn't it be nice to get a Vegan Cheese Pizza with Yves brand Pepperoni.... Welcome to Yves Veggie Cuisine 

We have to imagine a future where vegan foods are easy to get, and it will come true, just fill out this form...

Pizza Hut | Contact Us 

Tell them that there is a market waiting for a vegan pizza, and how they could be the leader. And that they shouldn't pass up this opportunity because another chain could latch onto the idea and make a fortune. Vegetarians become Vegans. And We Want Pizza Too.

That's why we at Animal Rights Online say
Let's all go to

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