Animal Writes
2 December 2001 Issue
A Pizza the Action: the Campaign Continues, On to Domino's

by [email protected] 

Last Wednesday, we asked our readers to go to a Pizza Hut feedback webpage, and email their desire for a vegan pizza. Before my article was printed, there was a simple click box at that feedback page that allowed general comments to be emailed to them.

The day after the article appeared, the website had been rewritten (too many vegan requests from us?) and they had removed the general comments link, and left only the links to comments about specific regional locations of Pizza Hut, along with a statement that said in effect that they didn't want to hear any suggestions about how to make pizzas..."We at Pizza Hut wish to thank you for your interest in our company. We have, however, adopted a general policy of not accepting unsolicited ideas and suggestions. Blah, blah, blah."

We at Animal Rights Online were saddened by their reaction, and we apologize to those of our readers who went to the feedback form after it had changed. Perhaps Pizza Hut felt under attack by a horde of hungry and hard to satisfy vegans. Perhaps all restaurant chains are feeling defensive after PETA's recent campaigns against McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's.

Our campaign also resulted in a number of letters to ARO suggesting that we shouldn't have aligned ourselves with Pizza Hut because 1) they had once served a Veggie Lovers Pizza that contained a hidden meat sauce, 2) they are owned by Pepsi which, until recently, advertised and supported bullfights in Mexico, 3) they wouldn't know how to make a nutritional vegan pizza.

Bear in mind that our intention was not really to draw more people into Pizza Huts nor to have them provide us with a healthy dietary staple. Our intention is to focus attention on Veganism and help move it into the mainstream. Our intention is to wake people up to the fact that there is something wrong with cheese. ( to find out exactly what, go here

The Dairy Education Board

Pizza Hut missed out on an opportunity to be an industry leader, they missed the chance to capture a whole new market. Oh well, should we see if we can get served somewhere else? Should we try Domino's? You decide. The important thing is, whether on the web or in the real world, we must keep going into restaurants and saying "Hi, I'm a vegan. What can you fix me?"

Here is a Domino's feedback form, it does require you to give your name, address and email, and It Does allow you to make general suggestions. It looks friendly now and begins "Domino's is always interested in what our customers have to say"

Domino's/ Contact Us 

In the Email Category box, don't chose Complaint. Chose Questions, and ask in your own words if they would consider test marketing a vegan pizza made with vegan cheese. (Don't everyone use the phrase "test market") Make any vegan suggestions you wish.

Here is something else all our readers should know about and use. PlanetFeedback, a free web service, allows you to send feedback, suggestions and questions to any company, they even help write the letter and send it by email or snail mail. Tell any company what you think about their use of animal products, their exploitation of other species, their menu items or whatever your concern.
Check it out.

PlanetFeedback Welcomes You! 

And always, keep asking for Cruelty Free.

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