Animal Writes
2 December 2001 Issue
United Poultry Concerns Third Annual Forum

by [email protected] 

What are we fighting for, Bigger Cages or No Cages? Recently, the debate over whether animal welfare campaigns interfere with the animal liberation movement intensified when PETA successfully pressured McDonald's, Burger King and Wendy's into making factory farming reforms. This most interesting topic is the subject of United Poultry Concerns' Third Annual Forum which will take place December 8 and 9 at UPC Headquarters in Machipongo, VA.
United Poultry Concerns 

The featured speakers include Animal Rights Online's own staff journalist Dr. Steve Best, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Humanities, University of Texas, along with Bruce Friedrich, the Vegetarian Campaign Coordinator for PETA and Kirsten Rosenberg, the Managing Editor of The Animals' Agenda Magazine.

In case you missed Steve's last article in ARO's newsletter, which dealt with this debate, "Animal Welfare Or Animal Rights? Dismantling a False Opposition" you will find it posted here...

Animal Welfare Or Animal Rights 

If consumers think that farm animals are treated humanely, will that alleviate their guilt and delay or prevent them from becoming vegetarians? Or, until animal liberation does come about, shouldn't we seek to prevent as much suffering as possible? Doesn't the Call for Bigger Cages alert people to information they may not have known - That farm animals are kept in tiny cages, that slaughterhouses dismember alive, conscious, frightened, crying intelligent creatures? If we win AW, do we lose AR?

These are the types of complicated issues that will be explored at the UPC forum.

For more information about this important event please go to

UPC 3rd Annual Forum: Does Animal Welfare Hurt or Help Abolition? - December 8-9, 2001 

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