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6 January 2002
Let There Be Life

by Linda Beane - [email protected] 

Now that the holidays are behind us, many people are experience a huge letdown. Cabin fever and all of its tenacious aspects readily take hold.

Depression, boredom, and isolation are some of the more common feelings. Though these doldrums will eventually go away as spring arrives, for many other sentient beings, unhappiness, fear, depression, etc., is a tragic fact of life. I am referring to all the unwanted, abandoned animals that have unfortunately ended up in their local dogpound or shelter, " the animal kill zones."

In these places not only do the animals face an almost certain demise, the various methods of death are terrifying, painful and cruel. Euthanasia, a supposedly friendly sounding word used readily by those that dispose of unwanted pets, is anything but kind or pleasant. To these rejected, confused, and frightened animals it is the final terror and betrayal.

There are three very common methods of these animals' disposal, killings that number in the millions each year. First many shelters use the gas chamber and then incinerate, too bad if some of the creatures are still alive. Second some shelters inject the animals with a lethal dose of drugs, here again in an act of insensitivity and cruelty, they actually inject the drug directly into the animals' hearts. Finally there is the cruelest device, the decompression chamber. Here the air is slowly pumped out of the enclosure and the animals suffocate in the most agonizing fashion, one too heinous to describe. Decompression chambers are so horrid and unbearable the animals actually leave claw marks in the metal walls as they attempt to escape their fate. Under normal circumstances no animal can leave marks on such surfaces, it is an impossibility, the will to live gives the frightened animals extraordinary strength.

Considering all these facts and adding to it deplorable, filthy cages, very little food and no medical care, cabin fever seems a day at the beach.

I suggest a solution for both situations. Start this new year by adopting one of these doomed animals. Let there be life not death. What better way to add pleasure to your life? You will enjoy the experience of having a new companion and friend, one that is loyal and loving. Knowing you saved a precious innocent, your home will now be filled with new delights and camaraderie.

Bask in your souls true beauty, the special essence of love, compassion and oneness we share with all living beings. Inform others of your wise and caring actions, encouraging them to adopt a new family member from one of these Animal Shelters that indulge in the fine art of Euthanasia (killing).

This world and each one of our lives is a special gift, share it, cherish it and always reach out to those in need. Protect all of earths' creatures, for we are the shepherds and we must lead in honor.

Linda Beane
Editor: Animals In Print
[email protected]

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