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27 January 2002
Anti's.....Can't Live With Them, Can't Learn Without Them

By [email protected] 

I'm fairly new to the animal rights movement, and like any newbie, I depend on a lot of sources for information. How lucky for me to have access to this wonderful web world we weave. How lucky for the animals so much information is reaching so many more people ! I know in my heart, less animals are dying and suffering needlessly because of animal rights and the people who embrace them. I'm darn proud to be an ARA, and I thank the Anti's for that.

What is an Anti ? It's a tough call, and like with any advocacy movement, the definitions vary depending on our relationship with these people who are critical of animal rights. I've found a majority just don't take the time to educate themselves about AR, but are receptive and open-minded about discussing the animal issues that concern us. I know, I used to be one. My only education was from the headlines when research labs and slaughterhouse equipment was destroyed. I don't condone violence for any reason, but I understood the message they were trying to send. I asked myself, what is upsetting those people so much that they are willing to give up their personal freedoms for the animals? So I did some research and discovered the atrocities that went on in those buildings. I got mad too.

This eventually brought me to the "fringe group" of Anti's. These are those vapid, name-calling bullies who perhaps are the most uncompassionate, miserable human beings on earth, not only towards animals, but their fellow humans! Unfortunately, there's a gaggle of them stalking the AOL message boards, primarily in the Animal Advocacy community, particularly on the Peta and ProAnimal Rights boards. Also, on the Usenet Newsgroups' Animal Politics board.......much like the AOL boards but without the TOS restraints, like using gutter language to make them look BIG. If you have the time and patience, ACLU has an animal rights board also, but you really need an asbestos suit there, and a proctologist to remove the many interesting things they'd like to shove up your.........nevermind, you get the drift.

Fortunately, I've become a part of a great many positive animal rights communities, which includes Team England Gal's subscription services. It was my first experience towards educating myself and feeling comfortable with my beliefs. I also subscribe to many Action Alert lists which brings international concern for the animals into the privacy of my home. How good it feels to help the animals in my jammies!!!!! After spending many years putting bandaids on the animal welfare problems, primarily in the shelters, I truly believe the only hope the animals have now, lies with those of us who seek solutions to end as much suffering as we can. Those who fight us, aka Anti's, are committed to shooting the messengers to protect their own selfish reasons to justify animal exploitation. We simply cannot let them win and take control of forums, and sadly, even the internet's email lists which they infiltrate often.

My advice to you all, no matter where you encounter them, on message boards or in person, Hug An Anti, they hate that.

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