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27 January 2002
True Story About a Dairy Marketing Call

by [email protected] 

Ring Ring

ParkStRanger: Hello
Teleresearcher: Hello sir, my name is Kay and I am doing research for the dairy industry about certain dairy products. If I could have a few minutes of your time to ask you some questions?
ParkStRanger: Ok, but I'm a vegan, I don't use dairy, but I would love to answer your questions.
Kay: Oh, ok, Which of the following brands have you heard about before? Bryers.
Park: yes
Kay: Dannon
Park: yes
Kay: Stony Field
Park: yes
Kay: Mountain High
Park: not in the context you are asking about. No.
Kay: (giggle) Yoplait
Park: yes
Kay: And sir, which of the following have you bought in the past three months.
Park: I have been a vegan for five years, unless Silk brand Soy yogurt is on your list, then none.
Kay: Ok, let me type that in, it's not on my list. Silk?
Park: Yes S I L K, soy yogurt. However I stopped using Silk now and usually make my own soy yogurt by putting tofu in the food processor with some berries and a little sweetener.
Kay: Oh really?
Park: It's pretty good.
Kay: What brand of cheese have you used in the last three months....
Park: Before you go down the list, I use soy cheese, VeganRella brand, Soymage and Follow Your Heart brand. All pretty good vegan soy based cheeses.
Kay: Oh really.
Park: You know, most people don't know that to keep dairy cows producing milk they have to keep them pregnant and so they impregnate them on what those in the industry call a "rape rack" once a year. The females that are born replace their mothers in the dairy factories, the males become veal.
Kay: Oh my god.
Park: When you have time, you should go to, you will find a lot of great information there about dairy products. The NOTMILK Homepage! (MILK is a bad-news substance!) Next question?
Kay: Do you remember seeing the following commercials....Construction workers are at a site and the lunch whistle goes off and they sit down on a beam and open their lunch boxes and take out yogurt and stir in time to music.
Park: Yes
Kay: Have you seen this commercial......A man at a dinner table asks his maid to bring dessert and she places a container of yogurt on his plate and he asks "Is it creamy?" And the maid in a French accent answers "Very creamy" and she places her lips close to his cheek "Creamy."
Park: Oh My God.
Kay: And then she sits on his lap and spoon feeds him the yogurt. Have you seen that commercial?
Park: No, but can you tell me where I can get the video?
(We both laugh for a few moments)
Park: You know, if I can interrupt your questions for a minute, that reminds me of a friend of mine, Carol Adams who wrote a book called "The Sexual Politics of Meat", about how the meat and dairy industry uses sex to promote their products, you should check it out. (Learn more about Carol at ) Carol J. Adams (Feminist author)
Kay: I will.
Park: You know what? I bet when the analysis is done, the data received from my answers will be way to one side of the bell curve.
Kay: (laughs) I suppose so, you don't do any dairy products at all?
Park: No, I have been a vegan for 5 years, did some nonfat dairy for the previous twenty years that I was a lacto Vegetarian. But I fight against dairy now. This is really amusing, I am going to have to write this up, the dairy industry interviewing me. (at this point I find it hard to stop laughing)
Kay: (laughing too) What is your opinion of store brand yogurts?
Park: Most cheap yogurts, like store brands, use gelatin as a thickening agent. Did you know that gelatin is made by boiling down the hoofs and tendons of cows, pigs and even horses?
Kay: Oh my god, I am never eating gelatin again. Yuck.
Park: Next question?
Kay: Have you seen the commercial where a certain yogurt company says they are giving money to breast cancer research if you mail back the lid and at the end a group of women throw the yogurt lids in the air?
Park: No, but have you seen the research linking dairy products to breast cancer?
Kay: No.
Park: It seems the least they can do, give a little bit of their profits to research for a disease they cause. If I can take a few more moments of your time, I'd like to tell you that I had dinner with one of the world's leading authorities on vegetarian nutrition last Friday night, Brenda Davis, former chair of vegetarian nutrition for the American Dietetic Association. And she is pretty knowledgeable.
Kay: I bet.
Park: You should check out her books at, "Becoming Vegan" really gives some great information on living without dairy and other animal products.
( ) buying info: Becoming Vegan
Kay: Ok, I will.
Park: She was an advisor on John Robbins last know John Robbins?
Kay: No.
Park: He was heir to the Baskin Robbins empire but he gave it up because of his veganism. Check out his webspace at Earthsave. (or go directly to John's site at The Food Revolution
Park: One other thing I wanted to tell you about Yoplait, if I could.
Kay: Sure.
Park: They make containers that are small at the top and lead to bigger bottoms and animal rights activists like me have been complaining to the company for years that their containers trap the heads of small animals who try to crawl inside them at dumps. But Yoplait is afraid that a redesign will change customer recognition of their container and cause a profit loss.
Kay: Oh My God. You are so right. I am going to have to examine my life tonight. You are really going to love these next questions.
Park: ( Laughing) Ok great, go on.
Kay: Which of the following companies do you consider to be concerned with people's health beyond those companies efforts to produce a quality product.
Park: HaHaHa Ha ha ha ha ha (rolling on floor laughing)
Kay: (laughing too)
Stony Field
(A lot more questions followed and most of my answers were "no". And when the interview ended I could tell I had opened her eyes a bit.)
Kay: You know, I have really enjoyed talking with you.
Park: And I have with you too, Kay, I hope you will look at those websites I mentioned. You gave me a lot of laughs.
Kay: And you did me too. It was a pleasure talking with you. Bye.
Park: Bye.

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