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10 February 2002
Fight Against Olympic Rodeo Continues

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Dear Friends,

I had meant to give updates on the Olympic debacle every day or two, but things have been extremely busy. Here are a few key points.

As we have from the beginning of this campaign, the light of truth continues to shine on the rodeo and Olympic Mafia, and rodeo apologists are on the run. I am told that Utah representative Paul Ray is now trying to find something to support his contention that SHARK is a terrorist organization. Isn't it fascinating that Mr. Ray only now tries to find support for his outrageous statements, instead of before he made them? That's the rodeo way!

Four nights ago, we followed the Torch to Provo, Utah. There, we were repeatedly knocked off the Torch route by Provo police, and we repeatedly kept finding another way to get on. It was an absolute scream, with the police trying to figure out how in the world we were doing it. The truth is, it was just blind luck, like none I have ever seen before, or will likely see again.

The Provo cops followed up that performance when a punk threw a rock at the Tiger. Two of us saw the punk do it, and I stopped the Tiger, jumped out and videotaped the loser. Three cops quickly pulled up to tell me to move the truck. I told them about the rock-throwing punk, and the cops promised they would take care of it. A couple hours later, we checked with the cops, and apparently "taking care of it" in Provo means that they let the criminal go. We shall ask for an internal investigation, but as far as I can tell, there isn't much good to be found in Provo's cop shop.

Ogden, Utah went fairly smooth, and the cops were professional. Salt Lake cops have been very professional. The rodeo stooges, of course, are another matter. Last night, the Tiger had stuff thrown at it again. One rodeo stooge walked into the middle of the street and pulled his pants down to show us his butt. Had he not quickly pulled his pants back up, I'm certain the area would have been declared an EPA disaster area.

Through all of this, we have a great deal of support. The difference is, our supporters smile and give us a thumbs up, while our opposition is obscene, violent -- and cowardly and anonymous.

One truly funny thing that happened last night was when the Tiger followed the Torch route to the front of the Utah State capitol building. There were dignitaries from around the state, as well as Olympic officials. A sudden traffic jam left the Tiger right in front of the capitol building for over ten minutes, while all the people watching the Olympic show that was going on turned to watch the Tiger. Besides the video footage of rodeo animal abuse, our LED signs were sending a split message. The front and rear signs said, "STOP THE OLYMPIC RODEO," over and over. The side signs said, "SHAME ON MITT ROMNEY," with SHAME blinking as it scrolled across.

This morning, we took the Tiger to Taylorsville High School, in Taylorsville, Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake. The Torch was making its way by the school, and the student animal rights group bravely staged a protest. Pro-rodeo punks staged a counter protest and barbecued meat to try to enrage animal protectors. When this ploy failed, the animal abusers pelted the Tiger with snowballs and iceballs. One punk jumped on the side of the Tiger. Unfortunately for the punks, they were
being videotaped both from inside and behind the Tiger, and they will now be learning some facts of life the hard way, including criminal charges. The local police, who watched while the attack occurred and did nothing, will also be challenged.

One of the things I will do upon getting home is to put some of the video clips we have gotten on the road on our website, to show the obscenities and violence of rodeo people. It will be months before we will catch up with all the footage we have taken. The crooked cops need to be investigated. Some people will likely be sued.

Here's something else funny. The rodeo people thought they would get a worldwide boost for their perverted concept of sport. But because of the way we have exposed them, they won't even talk to foreign media unless they have been contacted far in advance, and have questions submitted. Gee, what could they possibly be afraid of? I expect the Professional Rodeo Cowards Association (PRCA) fears a repeat of the expose by the European journalists that kicked their butts a year ago. That documentary (Alone Against the Rodeo) won a Genesis Award. And you know, they just might be right -- any of those journalists just might be setting them up!

I'll try to get more info out when I get a chance. As for the pro-rodeo lurkers on our list, know this. The worldwide media viewing our footage and interviewing us finds you to be the lowest class of people on the planet, and I certainly concur. They are so disgusted by you, that they actually feel a need to tell us so. Your obscene cruelty is matched only by your incredible cowardice. When the world sees rodeo people for what they are, they are absolutely repulsed. The Olympic rodeo has given us the opportunity to educate the world about rodeo sleazeballs, and we are making the most of it.

Now, it is off to the city, to catch tens of thousands of people as they file out of the opening festivities! Somebody give me some advice on etiquette -- should I thank Mitt Romney for setting uup millions of people for the Tiger? As for the Olympic rodeo -- they still have a bunch of seats available. Even the rodeo stooges think an Olympic rodeo is idiotic -- and that's really saying something! p; By the way, there are so many seats available for the Olympic Games, Mitt Romney has resorted to giving them away -- yes, giving them away -- just so the television cameras don't film all those wide open spaces. Nice show, Mitt! I wonder if Mitt can spell L-O-S-E-R?

Kindest Regards,

Steve Hindi

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