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3 March 2002
World Day Of Action Against Seal Hunts

From Sandra Carlson - [email protected] 

Up to 700,000 seals are slaughtered in commercial seal hunts around the world each year. This does not include seals caught in fishing nets, shot by fishermen, and seals killed and not recovered. In Canada alone, the quota for the annual seal hunt is 275,000 harp seals and 10,000 hooded seals - about 80% of the seals killed are less than one year old.

Footage of the hunt consistently shows that the methods of killing are cruel, that there are many violations of the limited regulations that exist and numerous other abuses not addressed by Canadian law. Video evidence has shown just some examples: seals being skinned alive, others that are left writhing in agony for several minutes after either being wounded by gunfire, clubbed, or caught on sharpened steel hooks, and many clubbed to death with illegal weapons.

GAASH (Global Action Against Seal Hunts) is a coalition of groups that has formed to speak out against the commercial slaughter of seals in Canada, Norway, Greenland, Russia, and Namibia. Our goal is to put an end to the bloody slaughters through pressure on governments and tourism in these countries.

Last year animal protection groups in thirteen countries participated with demonstrations at embassies and consulates. Please help us to let the governments of the sealing nations know that we want the slaughters to stop! The Canadian seal hunt is due to begin in early March and we want to show the Canadian government that people around the world are disgusted with the bloodbath on the ice.

Tuesday, March 12th, 2002 marks the third annual World Day of Action Against Seal Hunts. Organizations around the world will participate by demonstrating at government offices and embassies, and tourist offices. You can participate in this event in a number of ways - join a demo in your city, write letters to government officials, or hand out leaflets on a busy street.

For more information about the World Day of Action, go to 

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If you have a question about this event, send an e-mail to [email protected]

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