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23 June 2002
CACC Petition

From Elizabeth Forel - [email protected]
The Coalition for New York City Animals

We are asking Mayor Bloomberg to reform the CACC - although there have been problems with tthis quasi-city agency since its inception in 1995, this new initiative comes on the heels of a very damaging NYC Comptroller's performance audit report of the CACC.

If you have not already done so, please sign the Reform CACC Now petition on line. Besides New Yorkers, people from at least 7-8 different countries, including, Canada, England, Bermuda, Austraila, Turkey, Germany, Netherlands - and almost every state in the US have signed. In addition, some of the well known people who have signed include Assemblyman Scott Stringer, former Councilmember Kathryn Freed, Kevin Nealon, Grant Aleksander and Peter Max.

You do not have to include your street address, only your name and city/state. Your e-mail address will not be made public. Mayor Bloomberg and our NYC Council members will not know that New Yorkers want change unless we stand up and be counted. It only takes a few minutes. The animals are counting on you. Out of state residents are invited to sign also.

You can also send a letter to the mayor - see e-mail below from Barbara Stagno at In Defense of Animals (IDA) - <[email protected]>. 

***Horrible conditions exposed at NYC animal shelters - AGAIN!! ***
Immediate calls/letters needed to the Mayor's office.

In a June 6 report released by the NYC Comptroller's office, overwhelming evidence of animal mistreatment was documented throughout the city's animal shelter system, known as the Center for Animal Care & Control. (CACC).

The report confirms what previous investigations have revealed, including (but not limited to):
* animals left in soiled cages or without water
* large numbers of animals euthanized needlessly, carelessly or in error
* poor and inadequate efforts to promote adoptions
* poor veterinary care.
* dogs, rarely, if ever, exercised
* sick and contagious animals housed in the same wards as healthy animals
* animals subjected to abuse and neglect. (The audit found 13 instances of animal mistreatment.) [More information continues at bottom].

Immediate calls and letters are needed to the Mayor's office to request that he take appropriate action and overhaul the CACC's upper management. This situation CANNOT continue.

Contact: Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Phone: 212-788-3000
Fax: 212-788-9711
email: [email protected] 

Send a copy of your letter to Dr.Thomas Frieden,
Commissioner Dept of
Health, which oversees the CACC.
[email protected] 

If you phone, ask to leave a message for the mayor. You will be connected to a message line where you can leave a voice message. The messages will be transcribed and delivered to him. Please keep your message to the point; it will be given greater consideration.

It would also be good for calls and letters of thanks go to the NYC Comptroller's Office for providing this vital audit:
William C. Thompson, Jr, NYC Comptroller
[email protected]
Phone: 212-669-3747

All calls, faxes and emails should emphasize that THERE'S NO EXCUSE for these problems having persisted for so long. The current shelter director must be ousted and replaced with qualified leadership. If you live outside the city, stress that you will think twice about visiting NYC until this problem is properly addressed, once and for all.

In 2001, over 43,000 animals were killed at the CACC. This is in keeping with its horrible record of animals killed from previous years.

Since its inception in 1995, the CACC has been fraught with the same problems. Never in its tragic, seven-year history has this shelter been managed by a qualified director. The current director had no background or experience in shelter management when she was appointed to this job. It's time to hire a qualified person to run the CACC. The animals of NYC must not suffer any longer.

With an $8 million budget, this is not simply a funding problem. There are many ways that the CACC can be improved immediately that need not cost the city additional funds. The current mismanaged shelter system only wastes the city's limited resources and causes animals to suffer needlessly.

According to the Comptroller's report, the full extent of the problems at the CACC could not be determined because of CACC's "obstructive tactics" and resistance to share its records with auditors.

You can access the full 144 page report at the Comptroller's website: 

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