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21 July 2002

By Sara Whalen - [email protected] 
Executive Director - Pets Alive Inc. 

Dignity is the word that probably describes his demeanor best. He came to Pets Alive today with his friend Bob who has nurtured him for 8 months since the day his frail and sickly body was found tied to a fence in Plainfield NJ.

His history is unknown. Judging from the "clues" one would guess that his previous family cared not at all that a loving soul stared out at them from an ordinary black and dirty body. He was physically traumatized - so much so that the nerves which govern his continence were no longer working, his fur was dull and sparse. He weighed less than 30 pounds. Maybe he had been beaten, maybe hit by a car and not taken to the vet, maybe just plain left out on a chain to starve. But still his tail wagged and as Bob walked him home to shelter him, he tried to be jaunty.

Weeks of veterinary intervention determined that nothing could be done to cure his incontinence, he would forever need to be cleaned multiple times in a day. His pancreas does not function correctly and he needs to get enzymes which digest his food for him. Every known parasite lived in his intestinal tract and they needed to be eliminated. The medication further debilitated him. But love and kindness and patience (the qualities that Bob denies having) paid off and today Jude came home to Pets Alive. He clung to Bob until he met all of the people here, then moved from one lap to another, reveling in the affection that was offered and giving tons of kisses in return.

Yes he has accidents and yes he will be a difficult management problem but YES he deserves to LIVE. We will not play G-d and consign him to be euthanized because there are other "normal" dogs that need homes. He IS normal, he IS loving, he is a needy soul. He is just as important as that cute and fuzzy purebred whose owners no longer have time for him.

His dignity will be maintained here. He will live a happy life and all those who meet him will learn that "perfection" has many definitions. "Jude" is one.


This morning, when the air was still fragrant with dew and the scent of wild roses, I visited Jude in his new environment. He was fast asleep in his house. I hesitated to wake him after his stressful move yesterday but needed to assure myself that he was ok. I called his name and he looked up at me with sleepy eyes. "Friend or Foe?" they seemed to ask. Then he recognized me and he literally grinned, stretched and bounced up to greet me!

He will be fine, he is already peaceful and already looking forward to making new friends. I am so glad to be able to say "He is ALIVE and WELL."

His buddy Bob is a member of a wonderful organization in New Jersey - People For Animals. They are a 100% no-kill organization which relies on volunteers to help them save the lives of so many dogs and cats. They also operate a very inexpensive spay/neuter clinic in Hillside, NJ. If it weren't for this great group of people Jude would not have been vetted and cared for until we were able to take him. If you live in their area and can assist them in any way by becoming a foster home or volunteering in some way, please contact them (a special request from me) at:

People for Animals
433 Hillside Avenue
Hillside, NJ 07205
Telephone 908.964.6887

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