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From 24 November 2002 Issue

Letter To The Editor
By Susan Roghair - [email protected] 

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Dear Editor:

We live in strange times. We subsidize farmers to grow tobacco, then tax and sue the tobacco industry to recover the costs of associated medical care. We subsidize the meat industry, then suffer the costs of associated medical care and lost productivity. Now, we prepare to give thanks for our good life by taking away the life of an innocent animal. It just doesn’t make sense.

Thanksgiving is about liberty, happiness, and life. But, the 330 million turkeys raised each year for our holiday dinner table experience none of these. They are crammed into large sheds filled with toxic fumes from their excrement. Their beaks and toes are clipped to reduce damage from stress-induced aggression. After 16 weeks of hell, they are hung by their legs on a conveyer belt and beheaded by an electric saw while fully conscious.

Thanksgiving is about good health. But turkey flesh is laced with cholesterol, saturated fats, hormones, antibiotics, and deadly Salmonella and Campylobacter. Careful adherence to government warning labels or Poultry Hotline instructions are required to defer disease.

Thanksgiving is about sharing. But feeding grain to turkeys denies lifesaving foodstuffs to millions of starving people. Thanksgiving is about a bountiful harvest, but raising grain for turkeys depletes topsoil and groundwater that are essential to a good harvest.

On this special occasion, let us reflect on the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Let us replace the wretched, sick carcass of an innocent animal on our holiday dinner table with a wholesome, delicious, guilt-free spread from our bountiful harvest of grains, vegetables, and fruits. Let us replace misery, disease, and death with happiness, health, and life!


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