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From 30 March 2003 Issue

Fireworks Needlessly Harm Animals
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(Cleveland, Ohio, USA) The Ohio Animal Defense League (OADL), a non-profit, all-volunteer grassroots organization announces the launch of their website: 

The need for the website, and resulting campaign stems from the building of a new minor league baseball stadium by the city of Eastlake. The stadium will house the class-A minor league team, "The Captains," of the Cleveland Indians Major League Baseball team. The problem is that high-grade explosive and percussive fireworks will be used at the stadium, thereby being a direct threat to companion animals and wildlife nearby. The stadium is being built in a densely populated residential area.

Experts agree that fireworks are a direct threat to almost all animal species and inflict terror and confusion amongst them. Dogs are especially at risk, since they appear to have the most sensitive sense of hearing. Animal care and control agencies from all over the world report horror stories of animals breaking loose and running from the ear-shattering noise of fireworks. Many animals are badly injured, never found, hit by cars, or killed as a result of fireworks.

As OADL Founder David Sickles states, "there is no excuse for making animals needlessly suffer for human entertainment, especially when alternatives like laser-light shows already exist. If we can gather enough groups on our side, we have a very good chance of being successful in the campaign to keep animals safe from fireworks in this area."

OADL is seeking the endorsement of any animal, conservation, environmental, vegetarian, veterinary, and wildlife group. We are urging these groups to "step up to the plate" and "take a swing" at unnecessary animal cruelty. Please go to and enter your groups' information and endorse our campaign. Veterinarians and others with degrees are also urged to sign the petition. We urgently need the endorsement from as many groups as possible.

Our website includes background information on the campaign, fact sheets and quotes from experts in the fields of animal, environmental and wildlife protection. A complete list of groups already endorsing our campaign is on the website. The list grows daily.

Listed below are some of the American groups that have already endorsed our campaign.

For more information, contact:

Ohio Animal Defense League
PO Box 5832
Eastlake OH 44095-0832
[email protected]

A Blessing for the Animals - Chicago, IL; Actors and Other for Animals - North Hollywood, CA; Alley Cat Allies - Washington, DC; American Feline Society - Pompano Beach, FL; American Horse Defense Fund - Potomac, MD; American Humane Association - Englewood, CO; American Sanctuary Association - Las Vegas, NV; American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - New York, NY; American Tortoise Rescue - Malibu, CA; Animal Legal Defense Fund - Petaluma, CA; Animal Natural Health Center - Eugene, OR; Animal Protection Institute - Sacramento, CA; Animal Welfare Institute - Washington, DC; Asians for Humans, Animals and Nature - San Francisco, CA; Assisi International Animal Institute - Oakland, CA; Associated Humane Societies - Newark, NJ; Association of Animal Sanctuaries - Kendalia, TX; Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights - Davis, CA; Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - Kanab, UT; Boulder Environmental Activist's Resource Collective - Boulder, CO; Cascade Dog Defense League - Portland, OR; Christ Loves Creatures Too - Palm Beach Gardens, FL; Christians Helping Animals & People - Selden, NY; Citizens for the Preservation of Wildlife - Fairfax, VA; Concern for Helping Animals In Israel - Alexandria, VA; Conference on Homeless Animal Management & Policy - Port Washington, NY; Culture and Animals Foundation - Raleigh, NC; Doris Day Animal League - Washington, DC; Earth Action Network - Los Angeles, CA; Earth Island Institute - San Francisco, CA; Earth Save Internatioonal - Santa Cruz, CA; Elephant Alliance - La Jolla, CA; Elsa Wild Animal Appeal USA - Mahomet, IL; Engineers and Scientists for Animal Rights - San Jose, CA; Farm Sanctuary - Watkins Glen, NY; Friends of Animals - Darien, CT; Friends of the Wild Swan - Swan Lake, MT; Friends of Washoe - Ellensburg, WA; Great Plains Restoration Council - Denver, CO; Greyhound Protection League - Penn Valley, CA; House Rabbit Society - Richmond, CA; Humane Farming Association - San Rafael, CA; Humane Society of the United States - Washington, DC; In Defense of Animals - Mill Valley, CA; Interfaith Council for the Protection of Animals and Nature - Atlanta, GA; International Society for the Preservation of Tropical Rainforests - Rosemead, CA; International Wildlife Coalition - East Falmouth, MA; Jane Goodall Institute - Silver Spring, MD; Last Chance for Animals - Los Angeles, CA; Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Boston, MA; National Cat Protection Association - Mount Rainier, MD; National Humane Education Society - Charles Town, WV; National Institute for Animal Advocacy - Guilford, CT; National Opossum Society - Catonsville, MD; National Wild Bird Refuge - Metaire, LA; New Hampshire Doberman Rescue League - Rochester, NH; North Shore Animal League America - Port Washington, NY; Pasado's Safe Haven - Sultan, WA; Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue - Acton, CA; Pet Savers Foundation - Stratford, CT; Pet Sitters International - King, NC; Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - Washington, DC; PigHoppers Sanctuary - Whittaker, MI; Preservation of the Amazonian River Dolphin - Rosemead, CA; Primate Freedom Project - Santa Barbara, CA; Psychologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Washington Grove, MD; Shelters That Adopt and Rescue Ferrets - Springfield, VA; Student Animal Legal Defense Fund, Vermont Law School - South Royalton, VT; Teach Kind Educators Network - Norfolk, VA; Traditional Cat Association - Battle Ground, WA; Turtle Island Restoration Project - Forest Knolls, CA; Unitarian Universalists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - Lebanon, PA; United Animal Nations - Sacramento, CA; United Poultry Concerns - Machipongo, VA; Vegetarians International Voice for Animals - Davis, CA; Where Wolves Rescue - Surprise, AZ; Wildlife Information Center - Slatington, PA; Wildlife Land Trust - Washington, DC; World Mission for Animals, World Church of Holy Service - Glendale, OR; World Society for the Protection of Animals - Boston, MA; World Whale Police - Olympia, WA.

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