Animal Writes
From 11 May 2003 Issue

A Duck In Need
By Donna Zeigfinger - [email protected] 

This past winter was a monster with all the snow. One afternoon I was driving in my neighborhood about ready to turn on a main road when I noticed a mallard duck walking in the middle of the road. I stopped and got out and he started to walk towards me. He looked so hungry and sad. It looked as though he was asking "got anything for me."

He walked up to me but I could not get close enough to capture him. Finally a neighbor stopped and asked if I needed help and I said do you have any food with you? She said that she normally carries popcorn with her but today she didn't. She did say that she had crackers. I said "great get them out, you feed him and I will grab him from behind."

That's what we did and I was able to capture the poor guy. He was so weak and tired that he did not put up much of a fight. I had to drive home with him in my lap and take him in my house so I could get a cat carrier to put him in. I then called Second Chance Wildlife and they said bring him over. I told them that I wanted to release him near my house as I live right off of the Potomac River. Fine no problem. Six weeks go by and last week my husband and I went out to pick him up.

We get back to the house and walk down to the river to release him. I thought that he would get out of the box and fly away but instead he waddled out and immediately went to the river to go for his first swim in months. He was so happy he just kept swimming and quacking. He was heading downstream when all of a sudden 2 ducks flew above him in the opposite direction and he did a complete u-turn and took off, flying after them and screaming like he was saying "Hey wait up." They all met up in a tree and then we left. We had a small audience that applauded!

**Donna Zeigfinger has been an animal rights activist and the owner of Green Earth Travel the leading travel agency in vegetarian travel since 1998.

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