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From 18 May 2003 Issue

Neglected Goats in Marquette County

I encourage everyone to write up an original letter to Mr. Richard Dufour, District Attorney for Marquette County, regarding the situation of the remaining 32 goats belonging to Fausto F. Florez - Reference DA Case # 2003MQ000182

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April 2, 2003
24 dead goats/sheep found in a pile, later the carcasses were burned by the defendant. Cause of death determined by vet to be starvation. 32 still alive and being fed, over the fence, by neighbors, who are not allowed access to the defendants property (they are doing a great job considering they have to conceal their efforts from the defendant and yes they are very much afraid of him.) Yes, for an entire month good people risked a great deal to do the right thing. APPLAUSE !!!!!!! May 5, 2003 a court order was obtained to allow law-enforcement officials to feed and water the animals.

Mr. Dufour needs to hear from as many people as possible by the defendant's initial appearance on May 19th. According to law enforcement the judge can rule a number of different ways and impose a number of different conditions on Mr. Florez' bond.

Ideally we would like to see the remaining animals removed from the hazardous, junkyard surroundings of Mr. Florez' property (barbed wire, stacked aluminum panels, large wads of fence wire, old vehicles and farm machinery) and placed in the care of qualified rescue and humane organizations who would ensure they are properly cared for at no cost to the taxpayer. Columbia County Humane Society has offered to assist the Marquette County Sheriff's Dept. in the care of the animals. Marquette County Sheriff's Dept. has declined their assistance and prefers to purchase the feed and contract the services with area farmers until the May 19 hearing, when the court will decide what conditions should be placed on Mr. Florez.

Because the County chooses to incur expenses, rather than use free services offered by humane related organization, the possibility exists that Marquette County will be considering selling the animals at livestock auction to pay for the costs. This idea has already been suggested by Chief Deputy Kim Gaffney of Marquette County as one of the possibilities. We need to convince the District Attorney that allowing humane organizations to help the animals is the best solution for the animals and the people who have sacrificed for their care over the past 5 weeks. Once the bills are accumulated I'm afraid the animals will pay for it with their lives. The mentality here is that these are only "livestock" and somehow not significant.

The District Attorney for Marquette County is Richard Dufour, his email address is as follows:

[email protected]

Marquette County District Attorney
Richard Dufour
PO Box 396 Montello,
WI 53949
608-297-9136 ext. 228

Keep your heads on this one guys, I nearly lost mine today with the Deputy and it didn't help the situation. Polite letters only, please.

Joy Waterbury TriCounty Animal Shelter Volunteer

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