Animal Writes
From 5 July 2003 Issue

The Labradoodle: Coming Soon To A Shelter Near You!
By Patty Adjamine - [email protected]
Director, New Yorkers for Companion Animals

As millions of friendly, adoptable dogs and cats are destroyed in our animal shelters for lack of homes, the breeding industry and the media now market and promote the creation of the "Labradoodle" (originally bred as "guide dogs"). Touted as having the "intelligence" and "non-allergic" coat of the Standard Poodle and the personality of the lab, the dogs were featured this morning (JULY 2, 2003) on the TODAY SHOW -- and thus seen by millions of viewers aand potential demanders/buyers.

The breeder said these dogs sell for at least $1,800.00 and higher. She also said "THERE IS A SHORTAGE OF BREEDERS." What of course was NOT said is how many wonderful dogs are DYING in our shelters, including many Labs and some Poodles. What was NOT said, is that both Lab and Standard Poodle puppies are HIGH ENERGY dogs and are an extremely daunting challenge to raise, especially in an apartment. Where will this new breed of dog be "found" a few years down the line? Our animal shelters of course. And in desperate emails and postings circulating on the Internet begging for "homes."

Pressure needs to be put on "The Today Show" for this irresponsible "reporting." (Matt Lauer did the interview). Demand that they do a segment about all the friendly, healthy and beautiful dogs and cats dying in shelters (especially this time of year!). Admonish the promotion of any "new breed" of dog as these are essentially MIXED BREED dogs ("mutts") and mixed breeds die by the millions on streets and in pounds. NO so-called "responsible breeder" creates "new breeds" by mixing pure breeds together. The stated purpose behind so-called "responsible breeding" is to maintain the "integrity" and "standards" of the recognized breeds of dogs and to prevent extinction. It is NOT to create new breeds for the purpose of making money!

Please write the Today Show at: [email protected]. We cannot let this slide if we want to prevent "Coming soon to a shelter near you: The Labradoodle!" Please demand that TODAY expose the carnage that occurs in shelters everyday due to human irresponsibility -- this "report" being a prime example and contributor to such irresponsibility.

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