Animal Writes
From 13 July 2003 Issue

Tell Your Congressman to Vote
for H.R. 1472
from the Humane Society of the United States

Congress is considering a bill which would ban bear baiting on federal lands. Bear baiting is the unfair practice of shooting bears over piles of bait. Trophy hunters set out piles of food on public lands, causing bears to become accustomed to coming to these bait stations for an easy meal. Once hunting season starts the hunter waits for the bear to arrive and shoots her as she sits there eating.

Every year, bear baiters set out thousands of bait piles on federal lands, principally national forests. Bait piles set out by hunters can consist of hundreds of pounds of human food scraps, rotting fruits and meats, and even carcasses of other animals. Most bears who feed at the bait stations are not shot, and these animals become accustomed to human food sources, causing problems for people and the bears.

Animals conditioned to being fed by humans will break into cabins and cars, raid campgrounds, and approach humans more readily. Bears habituated to human food sources are likely to be labeled as "nuisance" animals and are often targeted for killing.

Please contact your representative in the House of Representatives and tell him or her that you support H.R. 1472 which would ban bear baiting on federal lands. A phone call is harder to ignore than an email.

Trophy hunting groups are aggressively working the Congress to maintain this terrible method for slaughtering our nations bears, but your call could make a difference!

For more information visit
The Last Supper: Bear Baiting on Federal Lands in the United States

Find your Representative... -- Write To Congress, the President and State Legislators

*******Late Breaking News*******
The Interior Appropriations bill is tentatively scheduled for the House of Representatives for Thursday, July 17. Both the bison issue and the bear-baiting issue will be amendments to the bill. The first is the Gallegly-Moran Amendment that would prohibit bear baiting on federal lands. The second is the Rahall Bison Protection Amendment. This would stop the National Park Service from taking part in the slaughter of the Yellowstone bison. Please call your Representative before Thursday and urge him or her to support these amendments.

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