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From 17 August 2003 Issue

Tiger Fleet

Over the last two and a half years that it has crisscrossed the United States, SHARK's Tiger video truck has proven itself to be the most effective weapon of compassionate and nonviolent direct action in the animal protection movement. The Tiger has graphically exposed a long and still growing list of animal abuses, including but not limited to rodeos, bullfighting, slaughterhouses, the fur industry, Korean dog torture/slaughter, dolphin slaughter, circuses and most recently, shoemaker Adidas' support of the mass-murder of kangaroos in Australia.

The Tiger followed the Olympic torch across the country, educating hundreds of thousands of people about the cruelty of rodeos. The Tiger has sent fur wearers literally running to escape responsibility for their theft of the skins of others. The Tiger has already created enough public pressure to force uncaring administrators at Baylor University in Waco, Texas to make certain improvements in the way the school cares for its live bear "mascots," and the truck will go on to make more changes in this area, where animals have been typically considered mere possessions to be used, abused and discarded.

The beauty of the Tiger is that it can expose any type of abuse in a way that is highly targeted, completely unedited, and very, very hard-hitting. People do not have to visit a Website or come to a meeting. The Tiger goes to people where they work, play, shop, worship or whatever. Unless someone is hidden within a windowless cell, they are likely in Tiger territory. Unfortunately, there is only one Tiger truck.

It is a mystery to me why the animal protection movement has not jumped on the effort to bring the message of compassion out to the uninformed masses. Only one other truck close to the scale of the Tiger has been built, and interestingly it was again by a small organization run by lawyer Lori Peterson in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although SHARK applauds the use of smaller vans as display vehicles by smaller organizations, the movement needs the "heavy weaponry" represented by a large Tiger-type vehicle.

I find the lack of forward momentum in this area to be indicative of a lack of leadership, dedication and commitment. Hundreds of millions of dollars come into this movement every year. Yet, a tiny fraction of that money at best goes to bring our message from the animal rights conferences and meetings, out to the masses. This is unacceptable. There should be no higher priority than getting the issues and images of animal abuse out to the public. SHARK can wait no longer for others to pick up the ball. Therefore, I am proud and excited to announce SHARK's intent to build two more Tiger trucks, with completion expected before the end of the year. We also intend to upgrade the original Tiger to an even more effective and invincible weapon of nonviolence.

In making this announcement we are putting two different groups on notice: animal abusers and animal advocacy organizations. Animal abusers like Adidas, Baylor University, the Rodeo Mafia, etc., already know who we are and what the Tiger is, and now they can expect to see a lot more of both. However, every major animal protection group now must consider the following questions: if a small group like SHARK can build a fleet of these compassionate war machines, why haven't the (much) larger organizations already done so, and when will they start? Why doesn't this movement already have at least one video truck in each state?

We have somewhat jokingly named this building project the "Terminator Fleet" - T1, T2, and T3. One truck will be stationed on the West Coast, another will be kept on the East Coast, and one will be in the midsection of the country. We also anticipate excursions into Canada, and very likely Mexico.

This Terminator Fleet will strategically target, expose, and terminate various animal cruelty issues across North America. Nonviolent "Seek and Destroy" by way of public education is our battle plan. Additionally, we'll lead by example to expose and terminate the inefficiency and waste within the movement. We are going to make it very difficult for any sizable organization to NOT have a fleet of mobile display vehicles.

We know that the animal abusers will dig their own graves in the court of public opinion if we can just get the message out. Perhaps a greater lesson to teach now is to animal protectors, to show that we can nonviolently kick ass. If you aren't convinced, just watch us; SHARK is going to lead the way.

Now we must raise funds to build this Terminator Fleet. We also need a secure base of operations for the West Coast and East Coast Tigers, and good, mature, dedicated people to crew them. So many times I hear people talking about how they would do ANYTHING to help the animals. Really? Well, here is your chance!

We hope to have the new Tigers paid off within a couple years, and we then intend to build three more as quickly as possible -- for a total of six. In this effort, I am looking for very real support, as opposed to mere kind words. Money is what will pay for these trucks, not words. I am asking for the support of every person who understands the importance of bringing animal issues out to the public. I believe it is the only hope the animals have.

In closing, I encourage the leadership of the animal protection to take some real action. There are too many "talkers," and far too few "walkers" in this movement. I also encourage those who speak of the use of violence in what is supposed to be a compassionate, nonviolent movement to back off the rhetoric, and get to the real world, hard work of taking our message to the mean streets. That is where change is to be made.

If you really want to help animals, join in the effort to build the Terminator Fleet. Millions of lives are at stake. Failure is not an option.

Kindest regards,

Steve Hindi
[email protected]

For your convenience, SHARK currently offers several options, all of which are tax-deductible:

1.) You can mail your check to:
Showing Animals Respect and Kindness
PO Box 28
Geneva IL 60134

2.) We also accept Visa and MasterCard payments. Simply go to our donation
page and select credit card type. Then,
print out the form and mail it to the above address.

3.) Or, if you have a PayPal account, you can send an online donation. Just go to our homepage and click the button "Make A Donation."

For all our new members, if you have never seen the original Tiger truck, please visit the following links and articles: 

Finally, if you are not already on our snail mail list, please e-mail your mailing address to Anthony Bellotti at [email protected] to receive our periodic newsletter.

Once again, we wish to thank all of our generous donors. There is no such thing as a small contribution so please keep sending those checks; every dollar you send puts us closer to a new fleet. In the last couple of years, some very generous donors have earmarked contributions for the second Terminator. Consequently, we have saved about 2/3 of the money for the construction of the next war machine. But we know this movement has very deep pockets. In fact, we could have already built a video truck in each state. The technology exists. The money certainly exists. Now it's time to make it happen. Help us finance T2 and T3 so we can order three more Terminators next time.

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