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From 14 September 2003 Issue

What You Can Do About Horse Slaughter
From [email protected]

I am hoping you may want to get involved with stopping CAVEL International (Horse Slaughter) from rebuilding in DeKalb, Illinois. We are working very hard on this and have support from all over the country and world. We are in Congress next week on HR 857; Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. We are having a vigil and educational gathering on September 27th 2003 at Hopkins Park, 1403 Sycamore, DeKalb, Illinois. We are hoping to educate the people, most people have no idea this goes on and the horrific way it is done. We have backing from many Rescue groups and have listed them on our flyers. Most are setting up booths for educational purposes and preparing speeches on their group and specific areas of interest for them.

We are working extremely hard on the media and have had great success in getting solid promises of them covering the event/story. I hope you are able to come on board and join us in this very important vigil. We are not a radical group nor wish for any sort of violence or negative publicity. We only wish to stop this rebuilding of CAVEL and to let the public know they have the power to stop it. Knowledge is power and the most informed are successful in any endeavor they may pursue. Please consider your involvement in this History changing event.

If you care to read and join in our postings and groups you may go to:

[email protected] 

You may join to get all the postings and catch up in our battles. You will see all that I have told you are solid facts and we are serious in our cause just as you are. Suffering of any furry Friend is not acceptable and needs to be directed to the public so that it one day will no longer be an issue. One day it will end, I truly believe this.

We need people to help in many areas of this vigil if we are to make it a success and let the good citizens know they have choices and we donít have to take this abuse from CAVEL or anyone. Our Equine Friends are counting on us to end this suffering once and for all.

We are having a silent auction along with children's activities. If you would like to donate an item for the silent auction we would really appreciate it. We need to try to offset many expenses incurred thus far and future mailings and yard signs. Thank you ahead of time for your donation.

I pray you join us in this. Let me know ASAP and we will add your organization to our flyer and layout a booth for you. Thank you so very much and I look forward to seeing you in DeKalb on September 27th 2003, 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


Angela Miller

Against Slaughter
847-812-4127 cell
815-784-3931 home/fax
PO Box 186 Kingston, Illinois 60145

PS. Next week is very important. Congress will decide oh HR 857, Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. I have enclosed a link to write to your Congressman. Please Write. And please write to the DeKalb County Mayor and elected officials. E-Mail is the best bet as of now. Calling and faxing obviously is great too. At the end of your letter put; CC: and list all people you are sending it to. Kind of letting them know others are getting the information, keeps them honest in a way. Thank you again.

DeKalb County Il - Government 

DeKalb County Building and Development Association :: Contact Us -- Write To Congress, the President and State Legislators 

Three petitions you may sign as well. Please pass on all information to everyone you know. Thank you.

Operation Safehouse 

Stop Horse Slaughter- a Equine Angels/Dream Away campaign - Signatures  


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