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From 2 November 2003 Issue

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Last Chance For Animals Focuses on
Eradicating One Proven Cause

LCA's Investigation Reveals How Pregnant Mares' Urine is Obtained for Manufacture of Premarin

Los Angeles, CA (October 15, 2003) -- This October, Americans may contribute to breast cancer research by buying the new pink Beanie Baby, indulging in Elizabeth Arden's new breast cancer message, a pint of Dreyer's pink-ribboned sherbet or applaud the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for awarding $15 million to researchers, but Last Chance for Animals wants to remind the 9 million women who still take a drug that increases their risk of breast cancer by 24%, that Premarin is made by torturing pregnant horses for their precious urine.

LCA's recent investigation documents pregnant mares being sequestered and their foals being slaughtered solely to collect the horses' urine for the manufacture of Premarin. Premarin (name derived from Pregnant Mare Urine) or Prempro (produced by pharmaceutical behemoth Wyeth-Ayerst).

Chris DeRose, founder of the FBI of Animal Rights, Last Chance for Animals said, "212,000 women died from breast cancer this year and 1,000,000 horses have died to make this already proven dangerous drug. What will it take to get women to stand up for their own health, never mind passively allow the torture of voiceless animals to make a drug that only hurts them?"

Premarin is the number one prescribed hormone replacement therapy drug in the world. Over 36% of the current US population are women aged 45+, who are entering into or are in menopause and more than 20 million are women aged 65 and over. This demand supports the slaughter of approximately 25,000 foals and the torture of 75,000 horses annually to manufacture the drug. The North American Equine Ranching Council ( are a group of ranchers who are contracted by Wyeth Ayerst solely to harvest pregnant mares urine for the production of Premarin.

LCA's investigation includes video footage, of nursing foals in the slaughterhouse feedlot; the inside of "pee barns" showing neglected and abused horses; a still alive mare hanging upside down with part of her legs cut off; skinned dead mares hanging, bullet casings in the "kill area" adjacent to where horses are stunned to death, and images of every type of horse used in the Premarin operation. The investigation shows that to produce Premarin, pregnant mares are confined to stalls eight by three-and-a-half feet for 150 day gestation periods. After giving birth, the foals are taken away from their mothers and either slaughtered for consumption or used to replace the mares.

"Although Premarin is widely prescribed," said best selling author on the subject of menopause, Dr. Jesse Hanley, MD, "the National Institute of Health (NIH) reported last year that Prempro increases women's risk of breast cancer by 24%, heart attack by 29%, stroke by 41% and blood clots by 100%. It has never been proven that providing pre-menopausal levels of estrogen is helpful in alleviating the symptoms of menopause!

To curb symptoms, there are many safe alternatives to Premarin such as Dongquai, Red Clover, Black Cohosh, Macca, Vitex and Dioscorea which have been used successfully and safely for millennia and are beginning to collect a significant body of research as a much safer, wiser and certainly more humane choice.

Founded in 1984 by De Rose, Last Chance for Animals is the "FBI of Animal Rights," a national, nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to ending animal exploitation and suffering. More information can be found at

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