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From 7 March 2004 Issue

SHARK Bites Ohio Hunters
From [email protected]

March 3 - I guess I should be used to it by now - the corruption of public officials - but I'm not - I'm pissed. Yesterday I met with Ray Dixon, Chief Ranger for Akron's Metro Parks. I asked for the return of our undercover surveillance equipment taken by Metro Parks rangers to keep us from getting the truth out about the murder of deer in Akron. Dixon refused to return our equipment, although he could not state that any rule or law that was broken by our undercover video operation.

It must have been a hilarious sight a couple days ago. Imagine a bunch of tree police running around the Metro Parks, climbing every hill and crawling through every valley, checking under every rock and behind every tree for a dreaded camera that might expose them as the animal abusers they are. Imagine as they began finding one camera after another, wondering if the rising number of cameras would ever stop. The tree police grabbed eight of our cameras, while we retrieved the rest. They seized well over $5,000 worth of equipment, which they now refuse to return.

With the video operation over, we contacted Akron/Cleveland media. At this point two television stations have covered the story numerous times, and two newspapers should have a story today. Predictably, Metro Parks spokespeople are claiming that all the deer were instantly killed, the truth be damned. Metro Parks also denies any abuse to their victims. That's something to focus in on for one moment.

The footage of what happened will soon be on a website for everyone to see. It shows beautiful, innocent deer drawn to baited sites. The animals are not afraid of the killers. In fact, the killers have been feeding the deer to train them to come to the slaughter, so now the deer actually react with joyful anticipation when the killers arrive.

In return for the trust of the deer, the murderers of Metro Parks and White Buffalo, the serial animal killers contracted for the slaughter, blast their victims one after the other. The deer in most cases stand there in confusion long enough for the killers to plug a number of them. But as utterly disgusting as this is, it gets even worse. Our footage shows numerous deer that continue to move after being shot. This movement continues not just for seconds, but for some minutes, until the deer is removed from camera view.

There is one particular deer that will be the litmus test for integrity, honesty and dignity in Akron. The victim is one of three deer shot. The deer went down when shot, but continued to struggle for life. Instead of shooting the deer again, the killers allowed the animal to writhe in pain, and the struggling increased as four members of the killing team approached the victim.

A minute and a half after the deer was shot, as the deer continues to struggle, one of the killers grabs the deer by an ear, pulls her head up, and puts a plastic bag over her head. He then tightens the bag around her neck. Understandably the deer begins to struggle more. At two and a half minutes after being shot, another killer grabs the deer by the hind leg, and she goes ballistic. His reaction is to retighten the bag around her neck. Then, with the deer still moving, the killer grabs her by the neck and pulls her out of camera view.

Last night, television news stations interviewed a wimpy Metro Parks spokesperson named Mike Johnson who claimed that all deer shot were killed instantly. He said, "We are following our sharpshooting program to the letter. I saw nothing disturbing." In response, a SHARK investigator remarked, "I wonder what it takes to disturb an animal abuser."

It must be mentioned that the footage of the deer is so disturbing that both television stations have refused to show it in its entirety, and have said so in their reports. The television crews included present and former hunters, all of whom were appalled and outraged at what they saw, recognizing the treatment of the deer as incompetent, unethical and totally unacceptable. So it is interesting that Metro Parks and its wimp spokesperson Mike Johnson see "nothing disturbing." It says a lot about their character -- or the lack thereof. And it proves yet again that those willing to abuse an animal will be willing to lie about it.

And where is Anthony DeNicolla and his White Buffalo in all of this controversy? Nowhere that we can find. They continue to murder their victims in secrecy, for a price, knowing that the last thing they want to do it tangle with us. Well, we will tell them here and now that they will tangle with us again, and again, and again.

Where are we now? Ranger Dixon told me that local prosecutors are trying to find a way to press charges against me. Interestingly, when SHARK investigator Pat Vinet called the Summit County prosecutor's office and spoke to County Prosecutor Douglass J. Pouley, he told her he knew nothing about the matter and planned on having no involvement whatsoever. Imagine that - we were apparently lied to by the Metro Parks! Who woulda thunk it?

I must say that most people we talked to love the deer. It seems to be mainly the "authorities" who have a lust for innocent blood. The deer are not starving. They are fat and healthy. The parks are also healthy and beautiful, save for the merciless killers running around and stinking the place up.

In closing, I am asking that you contact the Akron mayor and city council again and demand that they stop this slaughter, and begin an investigation into the deer kill program and the conduct of those involved.

Mayor Donald L. Plusquellic
Suite 200 Municipal Building
166 South High Street
Akron, Ohio 44308
Phone: 330-375-2345
Fax: 330-375-2468
Email: [email protected] (your postal address is required for a response from the mayor)

Council Office
166 South High Street - Room 301
Akron, OH 44308
Phone: 330-375-2256
Fax: 330-375-2298 

Kindest Regards,

Steve Hindi


Later March 3 - SHARK's exposure of the unscrupulous deer killers and the officials who are defending them has made quite a stir. Not only did this blatant cruelty catch the attention of various local television news stations, but it has also reached the newspapers. Please check out the following links to read more about it: 

For the Animals,

Jodie Wiederkehr
[email protected] 


March 5 - What a scene it was! SHARK and a few local friends in Akron held a press conference right in front of the Akron Metro Parks headquarters in Sand Run Park. We had called park administrators the day before to invite them to attend, including Mike Johnson, who heads the deer slaughter program, Chief Ranger Ray Dickson, and spokesperson Susan Fairweather, as well as a representative of the Ohio Department of Wildlife. None showed!

The scenario regarding the Metro Parks reps has to get some special focus. Not only did no one show up for the press conference held literally on their doorstep – it went way beyond that. The Metro Parks headquarters was completely abandoned! We made considerable effort to see anyone in the windows, or even to see any lights on in the place. The place was completely dark and empty! What kind of characters are we dealing with here?

So we had the reporters to ourselves as we gave them an update on the theft of our equipment, and the bogus claim that there is a criminal investigation ongoing. Then we got to the good part. We gave the media videotaped statements from three local veterinarians who looked at the video footage of a deer struggling against the killers after it was shot, and these experts all declared that the deer was still alive – contrary to the claims of the Metro Parks spokespeople!

Following our presentation, Akron resident Brian Stormer, a former judge and prosecutor, talked to the media about his family’s disgust with the deer kill, and about the efforts of Metro Parks to quiet his protests.

The Metro Parks people must now have a sense of what it feels like to be one of its victim deer, approached by an overwhelming force, having a bright light shone in its eyes, and then blasted. Every move they make is a mistake that only digs their hole deeper. Now they are forcing us to take legal action to get our equipment back, and that will make more news. If they damage our equipment or delete the video footage on it, that will make more news.

The Metro Parks obviously has nothing even remotely close to leadership, and its apparently usual tactic of lies and deceit just isn’t cutting it this time around.

Following the press conference, Colleen Gardner and I took a little tour through the parks involved in the deer kill. Two of them look as if they are no longer being used. A third apparently was used, and we may have some more footage coming out of that park in the next day or two. Most importantly, there were no tree police, which was a major departure from days prior. I think these folks may just have abandoned most of the program early. Our operation, even though discovered, has been a great success.

Our final stop was back at Metro Parks headquarters – the building that was abandoned for our press conference. It was no surprise that now it was once again inhabited. The lights were on and we could see people inside. What was funny was their reaction when they saw our car enter the parking lot. I was surprised that they even recognized it, but they surely did. A number of people actually quickly moved to try to escape our notice, with one woman literally diving for the “security” of her curtains. Others stared at us with apparent anticipation of some dread. What it the world did they think we were going to do?

Our battle with Metro Parks ain’t over ‘til we say its over, and we say it ain’t over yet. Metro Parks’ “leaders” can run all they want, but they can’t hide for long. Please continue to call the mayor of Akron and the city council, and tell them to stop the deer kill. The city’s claim that it has nothing to do with the kill is false. Akron passed special legislation to allow firearm use in the parks, so just as the city allowed the killing of deer within its limits, it absolutely has the ability to stop the killing as well. Please don’t allow protests by the city to the contrary to sway you.

Lastly, our new website, is up! There you will see some of the video footage we shot, and some media coverage. Veterinarian statements, as well as more media coverage and other information will soon follow. A petition is likely to be added as well.

Kindest Regards,

Steve Hindi

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