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From 30 May 2004 Issue

Like the Perfect Formula, It All Adds Up
Robert Cohen - [email protected]

If you enjoy a vegetarian lifestyle, then the odds are that one or more of your friends and family members think that your choice is a poor one.

Yet, when one imagines the world one-thousand years from now, whether you possess the imagination of an Asimov or an Einstein, one sees a vegetarian world in which there is no longer justification for animal abuse of any sort. Nor could there be reason of excuse for the taking of dignity from any human animal.

"God's Nutritionist" was written for the vegetarian as a means of substantiating his or her lifestyle. A plant based diet is healthier than the standard American diet. Over one hundred quotations and references from scientific journals convince the reader that a plant-based diet is the one making most sense for the human body. Five hundred quotations from Ellen G. White support the wisdom of that vegetarian lifestyle. Let her words inspire you. Let the real science inspire your friends and family to join you in eating the friendliest foods for the body and mind. To order or read about "God's Nutritionist": 

Today's New York Times (May 18, 2004) has front page stories of a suicide bomber who killed Ezzedine Salim, President of the Iraqi governing council while also reading that American Military Police received orders to strip and abuse Iraqi citizens. In another section of the same newspaper, I read, "An American soldier refers to an Iraqi prisoner as 'it.' A general speaks not of 'Iraqi fighters' but of 'the enemy.' A weapons manufacturer doesn't talk about people, but about 'targets.'" Language is used to dehumanize Iraqis so that they can be abused and destroyed, and I wonder. This aggressiveness of meat eaters. Of men who mark their territory just as predatory hunters mark bushes and trees in their own territory. Is this characteristic behavior necessary in my world?

I live in a culture gone mad. I read with pain the world's events in the New York Times each day, and wonder how men who rule would do the things they do by eating with compassion. Those who already eat a plant-based diet would shake their heads in agreement with me. To eat clean food is to see things with clarity. To eat easy to digest fuel for the body is to have clean blood. To eat hard-to-digest meat, and mucus-forming dairy is to constipate the spiritual judgment of man. I consider the men and women who rule. The politicians. The decisions made by those who have their internal organs continuously clogged with that internal fog caused by mucus. Mucus caused by histamines reacting to allergenic proteins. With clarity, those who enact laws and make day-to-day decisions would be better able to lead.

In the Ministry of Healing, Ellen White wrote on page 345:

"Governors, senators, representatives, judges, men who enact and administer a nation's laws, men who hold in their hands the lives, the fair fame, the possessions of their fellows, should be men of strict temperance. Only thus can their minds be clear to discriminate between right and wrong. Only thus can they possess firmness of principle, and wisdom to administer justice and to show mercy. But how does the record stand?"

Instead, we live in a world and time in which there is no clarity of thought. A world in which events seem to spin out of control on a world with no axis.

Aristophanes wrote:

"You have all the characteristics of a popular politician: a horrible voice, bad breeding, and a vulgar manner."

In Lysistrata, Aristophanes found a way to use a feminine tactic to force Sparta and Athens to make peace. Place a copy of "God's Nutritionist" on the night tables of those who make war. Help another to eat a plant based diet for just a day. As digestion is made easier, clarity results. Become a vegan for just one week is to be hit by a bolt of pure energy. Energy containing universal wisdom.

The challenge is for us all to attain our destiny as members of a race of humans who live healthy and peaceful lives. Lives free of cancers and heart and bone disease. There is one place in this world in which the majority of society eats a plant-based diet. That is the place where more people live to age 100 than anywhere else. That is the place where x-ray machines are rarely used, for breast cancer and osteoporosis are rarely found. See: The Okinawa Plan by Wilcox, Wilcox, and Suzuki.

Please order a copy of "God's Nutritionist" today: 

By reading "God's Nutritionist" there comes an understanding of how food makes the man. Of how human health and behavior are so closely related to one another. About why as one treats one's own body with compassion, there is a carry over to how one treats his or her fellow men and women.

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