Animal Writes
From 27 June 2004 Issue

Kerry's Record on Animal Welfare and Environmental Issues
From: [email protected]
(with thanks to Grace H. for researching this information)

...although Kerry is not the ideal candidate, I'd like to point out that he actually has a pretty good record on environmental and animal protection votes. Such as:

From Humane Scorecard (HSUS and Fund for Animals):

* Co-sponsored Bill S.736 --making Animal Fighting a felony
* Co-sponsored S.1298 --Bill re. humane euthanasia of downers, and banning human consumption of them
* Voted for amendment to prevent consideration of drilling in ANWAR
* Voted for requiring DOD to protect endangered species (amendment to S.1050)
* Voted for increased funds to USDA to improve enforcement of federal animal fighting law

---He received a score of 100% from HSUS//Fund for Animals for his votes on animal protection legislation.

From League of Conservation Voters:
Kerry voted pro-environment on the following:

* Climate-Stewardship Act (S.139) - to reduce global warming
* Voted against Arctic drilling and against off-shore drilling
* Voted for Superfund Tax (to clean toxic sites) and a Renewable Fuel Liability waiver
* Voted for Amendment to hold off on changes to new source review regulations (allowing more pollution) to evaluate impact on environment, etc.
* Voted against giving addition subsidies to nuclear industry, and voted pro-environment on damaging water development project at Devils Lake, ND, etc.

When you add all these up, I believe Kerry's approach could have a huge impact on protecting habitats and wildlife, and on other animal issues. And when you compare this to the assault by the current administration on every aspect of the environment (air, water, wetlands, forests, parks, mining mountain tops, etc.) on which animals, and humans, depend -- I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Kerry (in favor of Nader).

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