Animal Writes
From 19 September 2004 Issue

The Dove is a Peace Sign, So Kill Them
By Robert Cohen 

The State motto of Michigan is:

"Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice"

"If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you."

During the past week, an estimated 260,000 birds have been shot from the Michigan sky onto a not-so pleasant peninsula as a result of a newly enacted law. Why? Because some people view target practice on doves as fun.

Is there ever a reason to kill people? I've yet to find a good one. Can we put an end to war? All living creatures are connected. Is this concept so difficult to comprehend? I would think that compassion is instinctual. Perhaps I am wrong. What do you think?

Is there reason to kill animals in the name of entertainment? How can we respect human life and expect peace in our little corner of the world after showing such disrespect to any innocent living creature possessing the ability to experience fear and feel pain? Can one ever justify the broken wings and shattered bones from invading bullets?

How, in this day and age, can mankind pass legislation allowing people with guns the right to shoot doves in the name of sport? Do you see something symbolic and ironic in this governmental lack of compassion to beautifully winged birds of peace?

One group of concerned people has spent the past two years lobbying state officials and Michigan's governor, to no avail.

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What can you do? Send your letter of outrage to the editor of three of Michigan's daily newspapers. Let Michigan know that the eyes of America and the rest of the world are watching in disgust.

Lansing State Journal (150 words or less) --
Email: [email protected] 

Detroit Free Press (200 words or less) --
Email: [email protected] 

Detroit News (250 words or less) --
Email: [email protected] 

Be sure to provide the newspapers with your name, phone number, and city of residence for verification.

Please send a copy of your letter to:

[email protected] 

Do this for the doves. Do this for all of the animals. Do this for the people. Do this out of love. Turn your compassion into action.

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