Animal Writes
From 5 December 2004 Issue

Asking God to Damn Phony Jewish Kosher Slaughter
By Robert Cohen - 

What happens to cows after they no longer produce enough milk for the dairyman? What is the fate of most male calves? They end their lives in brutal slaughterhouses. Some meat eaters delude themselves into thinking that twenty-first century slaughter is compassionate. Some people eat only Kosher meat, trusting that animals slaughtered Kosher-style die with no pain.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have concluded an eight week undercover operation (mid-July thru mid-September 2004), filming so-called acts of compassionate animal slaughter at the largest Glatt Kosher Slaughterhouse in America, located in Iowa.

Holier-than-thou meat eating Jews claim that killing and eating animals is justified, so long as the act is done with compassion. You be the judge. WARNING: The following is graphic, and the truth will make most people sick:

The 40 minute version:
< >
Tiny URL: <

The 5 minute version:
Tiny URL: <

If you did not view the above film(s), here is what you missed:

* Kosher slaughterhouse workers shock cows in the face with electric cattle prods.

* Blood sprays horizontally with great force out of each cow's throat.

* Slaughterhouse workers rip out cow's tracheas while the animals are still conscious.

* The animals are then allowed to run in pain, screaming, as blood drains from their bodies.

* Still conscious, one leg is tied and the animal is hoisted and decapitated.

Are you angry and disgusted? Ask God to damn phony Jewish Kosher slaughter, or, contact a Jewish activist who is prepared to dedicate his life to doing something about this injustice:

Jewish Scholar, Richard H. Schwartz
President of the Jewish Vegetarians of
North America (JVNA)
Phone (718) 761-5876
<[email protected]

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