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Tsunami Disaster Relief for Animals
From [email protected] 
SOURCE: Merritt Clifton, Editor, ANIMAL PEOPLE, [email protected]
Kim Bartlett, Publisher, ANIMAL PEOPLE Newspaper, [email protected] 

Tsunami animal relief contacts

In donating to overseas groups, one should ALWAYS e-mail first for specific instructions, as the best way to get money to them promptly can vary with where they are and how their bank accounts are set up. Just sending off a check without instructions specific to the organization is not a good idea.


Blue Cross of India (via ANIMAL PEOPLE)
*The Chennai region of south India was hardest hit. Checks can be mailed directly to the Blue Cross of India, or sent payable to ANIMAL PEOPLE (to be tax exempt in the US) with notation that the donation is for tsunami relief in India:
ANIMAL PEOPLE / donation for tsunami relief in India
PO Box 960
Clinton WA 98236
or phone 360-579-2505 to use a Visa or MasterCard
fax: 360-579-2575

The Blue Cross can deposit US checks directly into its bank account, but I am happy to receive them and forward to Blue Cross. We routinely accept donations for them so that US donors can deduct the amounts from their income tax.

Blue Cross of India
c/o Dr. Chinny Krishna
1-A Eldams Rd.
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600018, India
ph: 91-44-234-1399; fax: 91-44-234-9801
email: [email protected]
Debasis Chakrabarti, President: [email protected]
Purnima Toolsidas, Secretary: [email protected]

Visakha SPCA
Pradeep Kumar Nath, President: [email protected]
Swathi Buddhiraju, Hospital Manager: [email protected]
26-15-200 Main Road
530001, India
ph: 91-891-564759; fax: 91-891-528662
email: [email protected] 

Compassionate Crusaders Trust and People For Animals/Calcutta
1/13A Olai Chandi Rd.
Calcutta 700037, India
ph: 91-33-556-7149; fax: 91-33-220-5665
email: [email protected] 

Donations to Indian organizations from the U.S. are being coordinated by:
Erika Abrams
Animal Aid Unlimited (India)
4508 SW Massachusetts St.
Seattle, WA 98116
email: [email protected]
(Animal Aid can issue a tax-exempt receipt to U.S. donors who need one.)


*The Thai organization Soi Dogs is accepting donations online:
Margot Park
Soi Dog Foundation
C/O 57/61 Laguna Golf Villas
Moo 4, Srisoonthorn Road, Choengthale
Phuket 83110, Thailand
email: [email protected]
**Note: Phuket Animal Welfare Society cofounder and board member Leone Cosens was killed, apparently while trying to rescue others.

From: "Gillian Dalley" <[email protected]
Subject: Phuket disaster
Hi Merritt,
If you have any contacts with organisations willing to help, we desperately need to buy large quantities of food. Hundreds of dogs who relied on local restaurants are now starving as all the restaurants are gone. Some of our local volunteers are either dead or injured.
Donations can be made by logging on to
Thanks for any help you can give, John


Sri Lankan tsunami animal relief:
ANIMAL PEOPLE is collecting donations.
Checks can be mailed to:
PO Box 960
Clinton WA 98236
or phone 360-579-2505 to use a Visa or MasterCard

Champa Fernando: [email protected]
is still the only animal rescue person whom we've heard from in Sri Lanka since the tsunami. Champa is an attorney and coordinates numerous projects and activities among the other Sri
Lankan organizations, but as of yesterday had no information yet about how they had fared.


To make an online donation to Noah's Wish: Click the PayPal Donate Button near the bottom of the website's home page,
Noah's Wish
P.O. Box 997
Placerville, CA 95667
ph: 530-622-9313; fax: 530-622-9317
email: [email protected]
Noah's Wish is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), charitable organization.

Excerpts from Noah's Wish Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Update:
Thursday, December 30 - 2:45 p.m.
Noah's Wish is working hard to learn what indeed is happening to the animals that live in the countries that have been hit by this week's disaster. The process is a slow one but we are determined to find out, and to verify that the information we receive is correct.

*Please visit for sections of this report pertaining to wildlife. The following excerpts are about domestic animals, namely cats and dogs:

...The news that wildlife seem to have survived this week's tsunami is good news. This information is being reported now by the international media which is encouraging, but I am concerned that most people will interpret this to mean that all animals have survived this disaster with minimal impact... There undoubtedly will be wildlife that will be injured though. I received an e-mail from The Millennium Elephant Foundation in India that reads, "Thank you for your thoughts and concern. Things are a bit chaotic at the moment but we will be in touch very soon. We are currently trying to contact our attending veterinarian to see how we can coordinate any relief work for the wildlife."

...I cannot believe though that domesticated and farm animals have come through this disaster as well for the simple fact that many of them live their lives confined. Of course this made it impossible for them to escape the rising water on their own. In my report yesterday, I told of volunteers who were frantically searching for animals that were tethered in the hours following the tsunami so that they could be cut loose. For the dogs and cats who live on the streets and managed somehow to escape drowning the scraps of food from restaurants and handouts from concerned tourists are gone. I suspect that many of the domesticated animals in those areas that have been hardest hit are tough and they are accustomed to scrounging for whatever morsels of food they can find...

Here is a first hand report I just received from Thailand:
"I already saw groups of dogs along the roads. We have our work cut out for us! Many cats lived in the areas hit hard and I don't know yet what happened to them. Also lots of dogs are in that area. I saw lots of toy poodles, the favorite pet dog for locals, and 2 dachshunds running around. Obviously they are now without their homes. Dogs on Patong beach need food and water as will most beach dogs because food stalls are gone as are the kitchens of the hotels.

The temple in Kamala was totally destroyed. Three monks died and about 15 dogs. Ten or so are left. I found them huddled in corners of the water tower, the only structure still standing apart from a roof of a prayer hall. Many dogs are living in the forest covering the steep hill. I walked my own dogs on the beach yesterday and found a group of dogs. I will have to take on feeding at the pound as the government has stopped now!!! This will be a huge task for us as we have only a small group of volunteers. Will need money to buy food and helping hands. My dear friend Suriya in Bangkok has organized a truck load of dry dog food to be trucked into Phuket today. It will hopefully arrive soon...

Posting Submitted By: Terri Crisp - Noah's Wish Director



To make an online donation to WSPA:
USA office: 1-508-879-8350 or 1-800-883-WSPA

Tsunami's Animal Victims
December 30, 2004

Tsunamis have devastated thousands of families and entire communities bordering the Indian Ocean in South Asia. While the world turns toward dozens of humanitarian agencies to help the people who are gripped with incredible suffering, some are also thinking of the forgotten victims of natural disaster....the animals. The World Health Organization estimates that 5 million people are now without food, water and shelter. What will happen to the animals who were under their care?

At present, WSPA is in the process of trying to contact our member societies in that region to determine the scope of suffering and the most urgent needs of the animals. Communications are fractured, information is coming in slowly. It is difficult to say exactly what work lies ahead, but we fear the worst...



To donate to HSI disaster relief efforts for animals:
To support tsunami disaster relief and other animal disasters worldwide:
To donate by mail: Make your check payable to The HSUS International Disaster Fund.
Mail to:
HSUS, Dept. DRF-Online
2100 L Street, NW
Washington, DC 20037

Tsunami Kills and Strands Tens of Thousands of Animals
The animal related problems in a disaster such as this are enormous. Dead animals litter the streets and beaches and add to the human health problems. Many animals are stranded and in need of food and help. Most of the animals in the affected areas are working and farm animals. Rescuing and caring for these animals not only helps the animals, but also the economic recovery of the region. HSIAsia is now assessing how best to assist those in need.

"Our main problem at present is food. Surviving beach dogs have no food or water.
Restaurants which fed them all gone. Doing our best but very difficult. Had a delivery today from Bangkok but only 150kgs. Some volunteers dead or injured. Thanks for any help or support"
--John Dalley, Antigaro Project, Phuket

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