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From 6 February 2005 Issue

The 2nd InterNICHE Conference
‘Alternatives in the Mainstream: Innovations in life science education and training’

When: 12-15 May, 2005

Where: Oslo, Norway

An exciting and inspiring event at the cutting-edge of educational innovation and practice. The only major international conference on advanced learning tools and alternatives to animal experiments in education. With leading international speakers, multimedia and virtual reality rooms, posters, discussion forum and workshops.

Suitable for teachers and students of medicine, veterinary medicine and biological science; for curriculum designers and learning technologists; for animal ethics committees, policy makers and legislators; for ethicists, animal campaigners and others committed to a progressive, humane education.

Program organisers: Nick Jukes and Siri Martinsen

Speakers to include:
* Emad Aboud, Prof. of Neurosurgery, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, on live surgery practice using perfused human cadavers
* M. A. Akbarsha, Prof. of Animal Science, University of Bharathidasan, on modernising biology education and replacement of dissection
* Jonathan Balcombe, Ethologist, on assessment of alternatives, and on the study of stress and pleasure in animals
* Marc Bekoff, Prof. of Biology, University of Colorado, on ethical education and the human-animal relationship
* Hans Braun, Prof of Physiology, Marburg University, on computer simulation and the link between alternatives in education and in research
* Stephen Brewster, Prof. of Computer Sciences, University of Glasgow, on virtual reality (VR) methods for veterinary clinical skills acquisition
* John Callaghan, Director of Development, WSPA, on the teaching of animal welfare
* Theo Capaldo, President, NEAVS, on the hidden curriculum in life science education
* David Dewhurst, Director of Learning Technology, University of Edinburgh, on re-useable learning objects (RLOs) and alternatives
* Nick Jukes, InterNICHE Co-ordinator, on mainstreaming alternatives for an ethical and effective life science education
* M. S. A. Kumar, Prof of Anatomy, Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, on the implementation of client donation programs for ethically-sourced animal cadavers
* Elena Maroueva, Veterinarian and InterNICHE National Contact for Russia, on change in Russian life science education
* Siri Martinsen, Veterinarian and InterNICHE National Contact for Norway, on policies for animal use and alternatives in education
* Makiko Nakano, Veterinarian and InterNICHE National Contact for Japan, on student outreach for alternatives in Japanese veterinary education
* Marketa Peckova, InterNICHE National Contact for the Czech Republic, on researching the use of animals and alternatives in the Czech Republic
* Monika Percic, InterNICHE Alternatives Loan System co-ordinator, on the use of loan systems to support implementation of alternatives
* Tom Regan, Emeritus Prof. of Philosophy, North Carolina State University, on academic freedom and ethics
* Adolfo Sansolini, Chief Executive, BUAV, and Vice-President, LAV, on legislation for conscientious objection and alternatives
* Garry Scroop, Prof. of Physiology, University of Adelaide, on critical thinking skills and student self-experimentation
* Sepehr Shafiezadeh, pharmacy student and InterNICHE National Contact for Iran, on replacement of animal experiments in Iran
* Dan Smeak, Prof of Surgery, Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine, on effective surgery training and the use of models and simulators
* Adrian Smith, Co-founder of NORINA and Prof of Veterinary Medicine, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, on databases and implementation of alternatives
* Barbara Smuts, Prof. of Biopsychology and Anthropology, University of Michigan, on non-invasive field studies in zoology
* Thales Trez, Biologist and InterNICHE National Contact for Brazil, on networking and alternatives in Latin America
* Norwegian and Swedish virtual reality (VR) simulations for medical surgery training

Workshops on:
* Client donation programs and ethical dissection
* A teacher’s guide to implementation
* Cultural obstacles and opportunities for implementation
* Animal rights philosophy
* Conscientious objection
* Empowerment for campaigners
* Experiences of connection with animals
* The role of emotions in life science debate

Posters are invited: more details to be announced soon.

Conference fee before 30 March:
Delegates from hard currency countries:
* Standard: Euro 120 (NOK 1000, US$ 150, GBP 80)
* Student: Euro 60 (NOK 500, US$ 75, GBP 40)
Delegates from soft currency countries:
* Standard: Euro 60 (NOK 500, US$ 75, GBP 40)
* Student: Euro 45 (NOK 350, US$ 55, GBP 30)

Conference fee after 30 March:
Delegates from hard currency countries:
* Standard: Euro 200 (NOK 1600, US$ 260, GBP 140)
* Student: Euro 100 (NOK 800, US$ 130, GBP 70)
Delegates from soft currency countries:
* Standard: Euro 90 (NOK 750, US$ 115, GBP 60)
* Student: Euro 50 (NOK 400, US$ 65, GBP 35)

Conference fee includes all lectures, multimedia room, workshops, buffet lunches and refreshments.

For registration, contact details and further information, please visit the InterNICHE website from 6 February 2005.

Hope to see you in Oslo for the conference!

And don’t miss Norway’s ‘Constitution Day’ on 17 May where music, celebration and children’s parades take place across the country, with young and old in costume and national dress. You might also want to visit Norway’s stunning fjords and forests, go whale watching, or travel to see the spectacular Northern Lights.

Nick Jukes
InterNICHE Co-ordinator
19 Brookhouse Avenue
Leicester LE2 0JE
tel/fax +44 116 210 9652
e-mail: [email protected]

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